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Persevere and you will get there


Having graduated a couple of weeks ago I have been on several runs since. I enjoyed putting on my own music and I tried to achieve the golden 30 minutes 3 times a week. Various things happened over those couple of weeks resulting in me not having very enjoyable runs in general - I had lost my mojo.

Today I decided I really must go for a run as the weather had cleared enough that it wasn't immediately raining and I had no excuses left (previously it had been too wet, too cold, children around, waiting in for a parcel etc. etc). I thought if I needed to stop I would and then use it as interval training. I was determined not to get disheartened on this run.

As it turned out I ran all the way without any intervals and did my first 5k today! I am so pleased as back in September I struggled to run for 90 seconds at a time and I've now just done 5k!

To anyone currently following the programme I urge you to persevere with it; take extra time if needed to achieve the week's goal and you will get there. Believe in the programme as its results are incredible.

Who would have thought eh - me running 5k?! Get in!!!

Happy running people!

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Brilliant!! The first 5k is very special :)


Bet you're high as a kite! Great news. :)

in reply to AnneDroid

Thank you and oh yes, I'm sneaking in a cheeky glass of wine to toast my success!


Well done - great achievement


Yeah ! Get in !!!

Ah this is such a lovely post , Well done ! :-) xxx

Ditto with all those feelings , having a hard week this week trying to get out but I will I'm promising myself that 40 mins🍀🍼


O well done you👏⭐️It's such a fantastic feeling the first 5k and so special😊 happy running & enjoy 😊

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