Hello fellow C25K'ers, both Graduates and Pre Graduates,

Tis your old chum Dan here. I am sitting at work and feeling rather bored so I thought I'd take a break and flick through some of the posts on here. It is such a great forum this for encouragement and incredible stories of achievements.

I have been unable to run lately due to various boring reasons, but after some sports physio last Friday and an appointment with a podiatrist this weekend I am hoping that once she (aforementioned podiatrist) has straightened my twisted legs out I will be BIONIC!

I shyed away from all this a few months back because I thought my injuries were just beginners niggles, but I have taken the bull by the short and curlies and plan to invest in some proper analysis of one's gait, running shoes etc. I really miss my exercise and cannot wait to pound the streets once again (as a runner you understand.......not anything else!)

I haven't posted much lately as frankly I've felt a bit ***t not being able to run. But I am hoping that this POD WOMAN will turn me into the Terminator and straighten me out!

Until next time. Go careful out there. It's a jungle...... (just ask JuicyJu)



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  • Hope the Pod appointment goes well and they can come up with some ideas to get you back running again. Look forward to hearing your post Pod posts.

  • fanks babycakes.....

  • Good luck, Dan - hope the podiatrist goes well and that you find a solution that allows you to get out and running again - perhaps in the male version of the winceyette knickers that you are knitting for JJ (perhaps not in orange though...).

    The running world misses your unique insights into love potatoes and double-bagged giblets (does anyone under 50 know what giblets are?), especially now you are venturing into trussing advice for the opposite sex.... We need you out there pounding the canal paths seeking the eternal truths, or even just how best to package the family jewels.

  • The podiatrist should sort you out. I've been running with othotics in my shoes for over 6 months now and my knees have not given me any trouble since. It's amazing how having my arches supported has sorted out my achy knees and IT band problems.

  • Hi Dan, hope all goes well for you. I'm out of action just now with chest infection and bad asthma which laid me out for a week, getting there though and today even managed a brisk walk for about 1K. Hey I'm not complaining though its a vast improvement from 10 days ago when I could hardly breath let alone walk anywhere!! Hope all goes well and you get back out there very soon. How are the kittens doing, are they well behaved or like you full of mischief!?!

  • Get sorted Dan... I can feel the tension... you need to get out there and 'pound the streets'.. You are taking all the right steps ( as it were!!!)... And watch out for panthers... Hungry times out there in the jungle ;)

    Take care

  • Cheers Juju. Damn! I just dropped a stitch on the knickers I'm knitting for you.

  • Good luck with your podiatrist Dan. Funny enough, in my early days of running I suffered with my calves and after some visits to a physio, my pt started calling me bionic too. ;-)

  • Hahaha!

  • Grasping the bull by the nettles, eh? Must be a good thing. Hope it goes well and you soon get back to pounding the streets.

  • Cheers Ned. I think this is gonna be the making of me.......or my legs!

  • Good shoes - will make a vast difference. I have all sorts of problems- dropped arch, patella tracking and a dodgy hip.. I went to a podiatrist- who gave me a full analysis and and said my shoes were all wrong for me. He built up my shoes - but recommended brooks adrenaline's. I bit the bullet in august and to be honest i have not looked back. I used to think about my feet al the time when I was running because they ached. So onward get thy self sorted so we can hear from BIONIC man.

  • Yeeeeaahhhh! Thanks for that amazing reply suzibenj.

  • Just wanted to say good luck with the podiatrist??? Today? I think you will find getting a gait analysis and proper fitting shoes will change your life... Hope the knitted knickers are coming along nicely ;)

  • Had a mishap with the knitted knicks. One of the kittens discovered a dangling bit of triple weave wool and ran round the house with it thereby unravelling the entire three miles of knitted JuJu Special Knickers. Have to start again......

  • Ha ha... Hilarious... But 3 miles!!!!!... Are you trying to tell me I've got an enormous bum?!!!!

  • Perish the thought....

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