I am Hardcore - running in thunder and lightening

Haven't blogged all week as telephone line down. But fixed now so back online.

Today was the day for the first time I arranged to run with a friend. Thunder and lightening heavy rain and very heavy cloud and fog greeted me this morning. It would be very easy to cop out as I lay tucked up in bed. My mate lives a few miles away and said it was fine by her - but it was my call. So I called it and said we were doing it :-). By the time i got to her- lashing down with rain and a very strong easterly wind off the sea - with huge waves - very spectacular.

My friend Mrs H - a very experienced fast runner - was very grumpy by now - but i booted her out the car and said lets go. Flipping heck - slightly unnerving to have rumble of thunder and a distance lightening flash- but I was very up for my run. Mrs H set the pace at slightly faster than my usual plod along. And we did 3 x18 mins as part of my B210k. The first 18 not to bad - wind pushing us along, jumping over puddles and being sprayed by cars - lovely - not! the middle 18 ok - but on the loop back running into head wind - that was literally blowing our legs sidewards and the rain really stinging our faces. The last 18 I found v tough - but Mrs H just upped the pace a bit - so we could finish and get out of the stinging rain. Great run - 7.5 k in 55 mins - feel pretty chuffed. Would not have run if she hadn't (nor would she) and I certainly would not have gone as fast- and probably not run as far. so I am like puppy dog - - I will be going out with her again - as i think she will get me to 10k in the hour!

Hard to imagine being this excited - I was wet through to my knickers, drenched from head to toe - but grinning form ear to ear - odd what pleases our funny brains :-)

Happy running everyone


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  • Wowee! brilliant and encouraging, wouldn't even walk in those conditions, you are setting the bar for me which is good! I love the sea wish I lived near it! Must have been very dramatic to run out in those conditions :) Great time as well...

    ;) :)

  • thank you it was dramatic and really felt we were out there doing it. I am aiming for at least 8k next week and with hopefully better conditions a better time. My 10k race is in 3 weeks time so I ahd better get cracking.

  • Great, Suzybenj. I wimped out this morning as the weather in my part of Devon was as bad as yours. I'm hoping to get out a bit later on. You are well on the way to that 10k and showing real commitment, which will stand you in good stead for your MARATHON. Brilliant time, too. The panther lady had better look over her shoulder.........

  • thanks Ian - you are making me blush :-) I really felt after this morning, anything was doable- I feel the 6 miles baseline is within my grasp - and it all feels goooood:-)

  • "Stingin' In the Rain"? Brrrrr - it would have been a treadmill day for me. As IT says, this shows real commitment!

  • Thank you- I was contemplating the treadmill - but 56 mins just to dull. Really glad I went out this morning if slightly bonkers!

  • Flip, there's a lesson for us all in motivation - I could cope with the rain, but feirce coastal winds, no thanks! Well done, you'll be on to 10k in no time

  • Thank you - it was almost perverse incentative - and I would not have gone if my friend hadn't and she wouldn't have gone with out me - so a result all round. I am going out with her next weekend - I hoping to raise the bar with time and distance

  • wow...I so love a storm, and you did so well to get out there....your inner panther calling methinks?? And by the sea too, how utterly delicious...hope your knickers dried off ;)

  • I felt like the tiger in Life of PI - I now feel great and am I still abuzzing :-)

  • You truly are hardcore. Respect. That sounds like a great run actually. Once you're as wet as you can get....well, you're as wet as you can get so it really doesn't matter any more!

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