Zombies & Poodles

Well, where do I start. I haven't run much in the last couple of weeks (3 runs in 2 weeks) but I am back on track now. So yesterday I found Zombies, Run! and thought it would be fun. I had intended to go out for a Speed podcast so I set the Zombie, Run! going on my warm up walk. It started well and the audio was fun. I started running and according to the app I was running through a hospital (really running the Coastal Path). It's from there it went down hill :) . I started the intervals and when the aps kicks in with a piece of audio it pauses your music (speed podcast). It seems to time itself so it kicked in when I was running the faster intervals, so I ended up doing nearly 2 min fast intervals to 1 minute slow ones :) . I thought it will be good for training though so stuck with it. I go through a wooded area and this is where on the app I left "the hospital" and the Zombies were running after me through the woods towards the base. They were close behind me and I had to run faster - Kick in another fast interval (very well timed). I then turned the corner and coming towards me was a family with a poodle. I raised my hands so the dog wouldn't jump up and carried on. I had my headphones in and the zombies were chasing me so I was totally oblivious to what was going on behind me :) :) :) . It was at the point where the guy on the app in a very panicked voice said " They are right behind you" that the poodle decided to come back to me and jump up my back. Not good, I thought the Zombies were getting me :( . I then run past 2 police officers who asked if I was ok. I think at this point I must have looked scared. The voice on the app told me the Zombies were everywhere and not to trust anyone. "Don't Look Behind You" was his advice. (strangely last night my route was more populated than usual) I had to run towards the gates before the gates closed (on the app) and I was actually running towards gate in real life so it made it a little bit surreal. I sped up towards the real gates and I approached them a little flustered with all the "excitement" of the zombies. Just then the gate opened and a dog run through towards me. I think I must have screamed and the Walker (A guy I see all the time and lives just around the corner from me) apologised for scaring me :) . I couldn't tell him it wasn't him it was the zombies :)

All in all a good run and the zombies made it a little bit different.


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14 Replies

  • That sounds good fun! I know Spoons uses it and she loves it. Anything that makes the run go by quicker has to be a help. The faster slower tempo is a good idea too.

    Dogs are not out to get you, they just want to run with you and get too excited at times.

    Running should be fun, and it sounds like yours is. Well done. Keep going! Don't let them Zombies catch you!

  • I have a dog so they don't usually scare me. I just thought it was a Zombie. I think I got a little immersed in the podcast :) I will defo be using it again :)

  • hahaha, that is brilliant.

  • Give it a go :) . It spices up a run (as long as you are not training for anything)

  • lol! I've not tried the Zombies Run app, although I've heard of lots of people who enjoy it... Sounds as though it was almost a bit too real for you yesterday ;)

  • I am one of those people who get really involved in things. My daughter wont come to the cinema with me as I get too involved :)

  • Brilliant post :) Thanks for sharing. I really do need to give this app a try ..................

  • just make sure you are in familiar surroundings - I am not sure I would have coped with this app and new territory. I may have had to hide and call someone :)

  • Lol. I've only used Zombies once so far but like you got completely engrossed in it. I even waved to the man on the app when he told me could see me on his camera!! Thank goodness no one else was around at the time 😆😆😆

  • I know. I looked around for a camera at that point. Unfortunately for me there were loads of people around and that just made me look like a paranoid runner :)

  • Zombies Run is cool :D although the recent update has been a bit of a fiasco.

    When you were doing intervals, were you doing them at specific times or did you have Zombie chases turned on in the app?

  • I was doing the C 25k + speed podcast. I didn't know you could have them chase you :0 . I will give this a go next time. How exciting :)

  • I haven't tried the Zombie chases myself yet, but yes if you have them enabled then every so often you get told that you're being chased and you have to run faster for a period of time - hence intervals (with added grrr).

    I think the frequency and duration of the chases is configurable in the new version.

  • Hahaha, that's so funny, thank you for sharing :D

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