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Zombies Run -- D3

I did my third Zombies Run today -- this time I turned on the "chases" and also ran 5K instead of just 30 minutes ( which meant that the Abel Base radio transmission came in after the mission was ended. )

Fairly corny story line - but I guess it takes my mind off the "pain" while running:) I had 3 Zombie Chases - they caught me on the first one until I realised just how fast you have to run to get away from them ( I understand it is about a 20% increase in pace for one minute) but I beat them for the next two. These "chases" can happen anywhere anytime - so one had me in the middle of a big hill when it started and I had to run fast up it (Pant Pant!!) I can just imagine the locals peering at me suspiciously out their windows and thinking : "What IS that old man doing running madly up that hill??" Mrs Jones next door replies -- "Oh don't worry about him dear - he is just running away from a pack of Zombies!!"

For those into these things - my steady pace was around my tempo/threshold pace ( as per Jack Daniels formula :) ) while the 3 chases were basically one minute intervals at a fast interval pace. I could feel it doing me good -- NOT!! :)

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Sounds like fun anyway Bazza although possibly an easy route to injury which none of us want. Must try it sometime for a bit of variety


The intervals are quite short really - only 1 minute each and only three of them. Sooner or later , we graduates have to up our pace a bit with either some longer tempo runs or fast intervals if we want to see improvement in fitness. Meanwhile -- back to my slow and easy long runs :)

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I did my first zombie run today. It is quite cheesy but as you say is something different to keep your mind occupied. I somehow managed to avoid the zombies on the first couple of chases but they got me in the last one.

I quite like that the chases can be at any time so you aren't expecting them like you would doing normal intervals.

Its funny some of the things you collect. I had a sports bra, a pack of underwear and a baseball bat among many other things haha.

I did just 30 mins which was 4k for me but quite pleased with that as it's a bit quicker than I'd normally do that distance but I think I'll do like you next time and go to 5k as I'd like to improve my time for that.

Happy running bazza...... Dont let the zombies get you! !! :-D


Once I sort my pains out and get a bit more confident in my running I might try this... sounds fun and a way to increase pace for short intervals!


I just googled this as I was intrigued, but found this instead:

It is a bit like a fancy dress parkrun where you have to avoid 'real' zombies around a running/crawling/obstacle course

Anyone tried this type of Zombie Run?!

Looks like a bit of a giggle!


I keep meaning to download the app but life keeps getting in the way. I will do it one of these days! xxx


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