W4R2 - got the giggles

I think the endorphins must have kicked in after the second 3 minute run. I started smiling and then laughed out loud a couple of times. No-one was around, thank goodness, but I just felt very happy all of a sudden.

The final 5 minute run was 'enhanced' by the grin on my face and when Laura told me to slow down I shouted Yes! very loudly and just told myself how proud I am.

I even sang along with some of the cool down song.

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  • Giggling is definitely better than crying......

  • ๐Ÿ˜€ nothing better than running joy

  • Happiness is what it's all about -great post and keep enjoying yourself.

  • He he. Great stuff.

  • Well done Kas ! Thats the way to do it, a big , big smile across ya chops and a punch in the air ha ha

    Fab ! :-) xxx

  • I LOVE the W4 cool down song and have tried singing along too (with ducks as my only audience). Way to go!

  • What's the cool down song? I can't recall. I had an audience of ducks. They peck your trainers!!!! I call em "bread shoes"

  • It's the one about the open window which you fly through.

    I'm now laughing at the thought of gangs of ducks going around terrorising unsuspecting runners. ๐Ÿ˜„

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