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After a difficult W4R1, I was on the couch for a week because of a cold that zapped me of my energy. I went back out for W4R2, and because I ran slower than R1 I was doing fairly ok. That is until my last recovery walk (before the last 5 minute run) when I felt a niggling pain in my left ankle (which, to be honest, I'd been ignoring for a couple of days because it was so mild) AND sharper pain in my right hip (which was new). I started the last run, but 1 minute in stopped and did my cool down walk because both pains persisted and I didn't want to get an injury.

So here I am, icing my ankle, thinking about W4. I will definitely need more than 3 runs of this before moving on to W5. But on the bright side (I like to look for this to stay motivated):

- no stitch this time

- despite the week's break, the 5 minute run was not as difficult as I thought it would be

- my recovery time after the whole run was much quicker than usual

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It is the right decision to rest and be cautious , hope the niggles and pains stop with rest etc:)

Always remain positive , the benefits are there to see already as you progress :)


Thanks! I'm determined to graduate, however long it takes. I can do this :)


I agree you made the right decision to stop - and hopefully these niggles will settle down quickly. Look at it this way - by taking a little time out and stopping early you have demonstrated a hugely important skill which we all need to progress as runners...listening to your own body! 😀


I'm learning the art of patience, which I sorely lack! :) This programme is helping me in so many ways beyond just making me a runner.


well done on having got so far.. recognise this too



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