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This was an interesting one, I sailed through W4R1 at the back end of last week, and I knew it wouldn't be so easy tonight, and so it proved. I was running just a little quicker for some reason than the other night, and it showed in the second five minute run tonight.

Having said that, I got round in one piece, and proved that I can do it twice :)

Does anyone know what the song is at the end of the W4 podcast, as I really like it! It sounds like Lily Allen, but I assume these are clones of songs made to fit the podcast timings etc...

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Just listening to it for you. Be right back


I listened to it and googled it and my search brought me back to this forum to a post two years ago. The poster back then was unable to find out about it so we can only assume that it's probably an Audiofuel production especially for C25 k


Thanks for searching anyway :)


I've found some free software which allows you to extract parts of an MP3, so I've just spent an hour learning how to use it and I now have an mp3 of the track in its entirety from the podcast, which I think is OK, being as its Royalty Free stuff :)


I don't know what it is about that song at the end of the Wk 4 podcast, but for some reason it makes me want to jig about and punch the air when I hear it :)


Is that the one that goes "Whoo hoo!"? There was one I liked at the end of week 4 sessions, I found it very inspiring!


My app does not have any music I have to select my own. Weird :-)


I'm a bit confused about the App too. I have no music and the woman doesn 't say much compared to other people's comments on here!!! Think I am being thick! I am using the free app. She tells me when to run, walk, when i 'm half way and when there's a minute to go!


The music comes with the podcasts rather than the app... A few people have had problems with the apps so many of us (me included) stuck with the podcasts... the music can be, to put it mildly, a little bit dire... but it got me through 9 weeks and no stopping me now!

Without the podcasts you'll very likely never meet Julie - a C25K podcast legend... :)

You can download the podcasts from the NHS site directly or through the Apple Store if you've got an iPhone/iPod... worth having a listen at least (even if you don't run with them for now)... :)

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