Bupa London 10k

Bupa London 10k

Warning, this is a bit of a long one....

So, as you might be able to see from the attached photo, I had a good time at the 10k today... that was just past 9k if I remember correctly. I got a second wind by that point but it was a bit tough before.

The day started off well, although I didn't get much sleep the night before. I think it was a combination of nerves and excitement. After a couple of slices of toast and a black coffee, I was on my way to the train station. I could see there were already lots of people on the way to Green Park (even at 8am) and by the time I came out of the tube station, there was already a big mass of people. 12,000 runners had signed up to do this one apparently!

The entire pre-race set-up was really well organised I thought. Even had staff with spare loo roll by all the rows of portaloos, making sure they were all well-stocked, even the "runners only" ones just before the walk to the start.

On to the actual race. I got there a bit early - I was in the pen by about 9.30am for what was about a 10.25am start. It was empty up until about 9.59am! Need to get that bit sorted in future. There wasn't a big group warm up or anything so I did my usual stretches on my own, and probably looked like an idiot, but who cares!

All this waiting around didn't seem to help my Garmin. I kept trying to get a bloomin' GPS lock for about half an hour before the start. I tried stopping the GPS and trying to refind it, turning the watch off... nothing. This actually caused me a bit of a problem later on. I gave up on the GPS and just "ran" - using the stopwatch to get an idea of km splits.

The first 5k went by in a blur! Fantastic route around the city and a really great atmosphere with all the fellow runners around the roads. Bands everywhere, lots of support, and it really kept me going. I was physically spent by about 6k though - I did the first 5k in just over 32 minutes, which is a pretty hard 5k pace for me. I finally gave in to a little walk after the 2nd water stop at 6.5k. At that point, all I wanted was to make sure I broke 70 minutes. I was cursing my watch (and myself!) again. I just tried to keep moving for a kilometre, allow myself a minute walking, then run another km.

Through 8km and onwards to trafalgar square, the support was everywhere! It must have been 2 deep through Whitehall. To the guy giving me some major encouragement to keep moving by the cenotaph - thank you, you don't know how much that helped. I actually got a bit of a second wind not long after that as I could see the "9km" signs. I knew it wasn't far away then, and started to pick up the pace, turn the corner, and get papped by the hidden photographer by the kerb! I really really love that photo!

There were even more people all the way down birdcage walk and as soon as the palace was in view, so was the finish! Finally got through my first official race and proper 10k in 1:06:11. I was hoping for something sub 65 on a perfect day. Thing to take from this is to have 2 or 3 targets on race day that you can change as you go. I did hit my "B" target of a PB (of over 2 minutes!) so feel amazing about that :)

The goody bag was full of the usual garb, food and drinks, but did have this rather nice t-shirt and medal! Been clinging onto it all day, even at Wembley (yes Norwich!).

I have now MASSIVELY got the race bug. I've never really run with groups that much and wow, it is so much fun! I have a 10k on for the end of August, and some HM planning to begin... all rather exciting and I'm feeling on top of the world this evening.

Sorry to bore you all with the mind dump!


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  • Not boring in the least! Sounds every bit as fun as yesterday's mile event. A 10k in 65 minutes is pretty good, particularly for a first outing! Well done sir!

  • Thank you! Will be back next year to smash that time to bits, haha!

  • Brilliant Nick ! Well done and what a fab photo !

    Isn't it great taking part in these runs ? I love 'em ! The support from the crowds really helps doesn't it ?

    Really enjoyed reading that , Well done on your time too . I would be chuffed to bits with that !

    Fab post , Well done you :-) xxx

  • Thank you! Yeah, the support was great! Some fantastic live music all the way round as well, shame really as I could have stopped and listened several times gaha

  • Not Boring! exciting!!! :) well done Wristy, you got round in a great time, love that photo, you need to get that printed off and framed! Fantastic way to spend a bank holiday! :)

  • oh yes! will look good on the mantelpiece and act as motivation every time i don't feel like getting out the door!

  • Wow, great photo, great tshirt, love the commentary . Well done. Brilliant

  • Well done Wristy - it sounds like a great event - very respectable time too sir!

  • That's brilliant Wristy and a very interesting report!

    London is doing very well organizing all these lovely events!

    You look very relaxed in that nice photo, you'll definitely be chopping your time time very soon ( tho I'd be delighted with 65mins myself)

    The tee-shirt is stunning!

    All the best with your ongoing running projects!

  • Well done! Brilliant!!

  • A brilliant read, not at all boring.

    Sounds fantastic - I've got my first 10k next week and am pretty excited and nervous already.

    You did a cracking job, well done πŸ† xx

  • Good luck, not that you'll need it! Just enjoy the day :)

  • Excellent - well done. It's great reading these reading these reports. Very motivating and educating for those of us who have not done a proper race before.

  • I started c25k in January and felt comfortable booming this 10k in March. Stick with it and you'll soon be doing these too. Best of luck with it!

  • Wow....sounds like a great experience...🎈🎈....hope I manage one someday!

  • sign up for 2016 and you can! Ages of time to get up to 10k. It can be done!

  • Brilliant ,Well done !

  • Good time matey, and with that big clock on your back too.... :)

  • Great to hear about your race, Nick. I wonder what the issue with the Garmin was? I can imagine how frustrating that must have been. Good time, particularly getting a PB on the big day.

    Less than four weeks to my first 10K race :)

  • I am looking forward to a similar race report Steve! Nice to see everyone make some progress!

    also: I am giving serious thought to upgrading the watch.

  • You look like you're having SO much fun, well done. Hope you enter and enjoy lots more !

  • Brilliant post! Well done Wristy! :)

  • Enjoyed reading that. I know they're only 5k but do you know about Park Runs?

  • if I am being really honest, the thought of getting up at 7am on my one proper day off during the week does not really appeal....

  • good to know I'm not the only one ;)

  • Well done Nick, nice write up.

    The bling and the t-shirt both look great.

    You did pretty damn well considering the Garmin issues, when I think about it, it must be really hard to pace yourself when you are so used to having that help.

  • its even harder when you're wrapped up in the atmosphere of an event as well I fear. Might be worthwhile training once or twice without the tech and just going on feel. Would definitely teach you how to do the easy runs properly and not put any idea of pacing in your head!

  • I am sure it is.

    When doing my longer runs (slow paced) I do only glance at it when it beeps but as you say running in a crowd is different.

  • Well done!! And great report - the picture is brilliant and the time just really good for a first proper race!

  • Great race report!! I love reading these they make me wish I was there!! Fab t-shirt and medal!! Lovin' those - it does make you want to do it again and you are a tiny bit away from your 65minute target so that will no doubt be achieveable.congratulations

  • Well done Wristy! Great job. I love your photo. You look so in control of things. Who's the daddy!!!!! Go you!

    So, you had a great day by the looks of it. Medal, tee shirt, great run, great time. Job done I'd say. Here's to the next one

  • Well done wristy. And you do look like it was so much fun... nearly as good as Norwich getting promotion lol what a weekend!

  • oh yes, on the ball, city!

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