Couch to 5K

Race for Life 10k completed! Now need to graduate from C25K lol!

Have been meaning to write this all week!

This follows on from Friday's blog post, where I had completed W8R3 and was going to start W9R1 during Sunday's Race for Life 10k at Prestwold Hall. I woke up at 2am with the worry (and hope!) of the rain flooding the race track and calling it all off!

I forgot how bad traffic was for R4L and got there with 10 mins to spare, but managed the 5 min warm up walk due to the fact I had to park my car so far away from the start/finish line lol!

The 5k-ers and the 10k-ers all ran together for 5k on muddy grass which hadn't been cut for ages (I'm used to running on pavement and hadn't really trained on grass!) I had bad cramp in my right calf twice during the first 5k so I had to stop to stretch this out. It was strange running with so many people too - a lot of them ran in groups which meant I had to run around them all!

The second 5k took the runners around Prestwold Hall race track which was much better - tarmac yey! :) However, I lost circulation in my foot twice which meant I had to stop a couple of times to get the feeling back, which did annoy me (time for new shoes me thinks!)

I got to the 8k mark and managed to run to the finish line without cramp or a dead foot, and it felt quite good.

I finished in a time of 1 hour, 13 mins (or 73 mins cos it sounds better lol :D) I wanted to do it in 90 minutes so I reached my goal... and have a lovely R4L medal too!

I've had a few days rest from running because my muscles were a bit sore (even with numerous ice packs and lots of chicken!) so I'm now going to start W9R1 in the next couple of days - hopefully easy now... fingers crossed!

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Yay YOU!

Your comment about "having to run around them all" MMD...lovely run for you and success all around!

The coveted green badge is only a week away!

Good luck, and good running....


Thank you! :)


Wow well done you, really good especially so as you weren't used to grass, I find grass quite hard going. You will sail through week 9 now. :) Nice one.


Well done! You must be so proud :)


Thank you! how did your 10k go last week?


Well done you, thats fantastic there is hope for me yet lol. I too am doing a 5k in Aug then a 10k run in Sept, hey you have given me faith in myself. Now i really must get off the couch :)


Just read your post - you're not a 10k wannabe anymore... you're a 10k done and dusted! Well done!


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