5x50 day 36 - I ran 10k!!!!!

5x50 day 36 - I ran 10k!!!!!

Another sort of accidental 10k!

Can't quite believe I did it! I'd been snacking, so going for a run didn't seem a very good idea, but it looked lovely out, so my daughter suggested I just went out for a walk.

So I went out, meaning to walk. After 1 km, felt like running, even though I was at the bottom of a steep hill, so I thought I might as well, but wouldn't worry about speed, as I'd been eating, and it was steep. Then I thought I might as well do another km or two, so I'd have run for 30 minutes.

Then I was near the top of another steep hill back down, but thought if I used that to make up to 5k, it would sort of be cheating, so ran the opposite direction and back until I'd done 5k. Then I thought I might as well run down the hill. So then I'd done 6k, and my furthest so far is 7k, and it seemed silly not to keep going and see if I could go a bit further (otherwise I'd have to do it all again, just to find out...)

So when I'd got to 7k, I thought I might as well do another one, so I'd increased my distance. Then 10k seemed in reach (and I was still feeling ok) - so I just kept going. Same old plodding pace for the second 5k as the first - about 50 minutes for each, so I ran for a total of an hour and 40 minutes!! And I still had something left too, as I tried speeding up for the last 100m or so, and was able to do a nice little run, rather than the plod I'd been doing. So maybe one day I'll be able to do it quite a bit faster.

An hour later and I feel fine - just hope my skin doesn't flare up tomorrow, as it was pretty sunny (but did have factor 50 and sunhat) - but if it does, I won't mind too much, it was worth it! Oh, and I was wearing jeans, as I wasn't really intending to run - not ideal!

Funny - yesterday I cycled 10k, but had no idea that today I'd run the same distance!

Very pleased with myself. :D


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35 Replies

  • You're a star !! :-)

    I bet wearing jeans made it hard work - I was amazed how much more tiring cycling in jeans is than cycling in my running leggings.

  • Actually, strangely enough, the jeans were fine - what did make it hard work was carrying my camera (not a teeny one) - I dropped it off at my house after about 7km and carried on - and it suddenly felt so much easier to run!

  • Well done, greenlegs. I like the way you just added on another kilometre, then another...

    But I admit I went "yeuch" when you said you'd run in jeans. I dislike even walking in jeans now. In fact, on the days when I'm at home, I tend to put on my capri tights every morning as soon as I got up simply so I'm ready. Just in case... In case I want to run, walk, do yoga...

  • I've only got one pair of running tights, and I don't like them much (cheap supermarket ones - they're itchy!) I think maybe I need to investigate some better ones. I usually run in jogging bottoms, but am finding them too hot now - and jeans are definitely not the best idea!

  • Well done Greenlegs what a fantastic run! I'm giggling at the thought of you running 10k in your jeans with your camera bouncing up and down round your neck. After completing the programme during the vile winter weather, it's still such a novelty to run in the warmth, isn't it. I'm hoping to hit 7k tomorrow but am so injury prone I am very cautious of pushing too far, too soon xxx

  • Most of the time the camera was in one hand, like a handbag - must have looked totally bonkers with that and my cowboy hat! :D

  • Wow! That's a brilliant run, even more so wearing jeans! I have been wearing jeggings whe jumping on my bike for a quick evening catch up ride, rather than proper padded cycling tights, but no way could I run in jeans! 10k is fab, and what a great way to do it! :-)

  • Thanks! Now I have to try and extend how long I can run at my faster pace, and do a parkrun and see if I can catch up with you! :D

    I really didn't think I could do 10k - but I could and I did! Mind you, my knees are now beginning to tell me that they're not so sure it was a good idea!

  • I am going out for a run in the morning, but have grandson to entertain/keep quiet while his Mum sleeps as she's on night shift, so will have to be a quickish one (& I have 7 hours of officer safety training on Tuesday so will have to be able to move for that) but I am getting tempted to see how far I can go rather tha improve my 5k speed! Maybe next week! ;-)

  • OH how wonderful! I'm feeling impressed and inspired as gradually trying to nudge up my distance bit by bit. Have done a couple of longer runs - but suffered stiff legs after despite stretching.

    So really nice to read how much you enjoyed it - and just ran as far as the mood took you. Which was a whole amazing 10k. That's my goal for the next 6 months - to run that far a couple of times.

    you've just made it feel more possible

  • Slow and steady - but yes, I was actually enjoying it, in a masochistic sort of way! And I was mentally writing the blog from about 8k onward - though at 9.5k I suddenly thought maybe I should stop planning what to write, just in case something snapped in my legs! And then went and ran faster. Doh!

  • Good grief, you continue to amaze me!! What a story. 10k, just like that, on a sort of whim!! In jeans, and carrying a not-so-wee camera to boot!! I'm the sort of person that takes off her earrings just in case they weigh me down!! I'm impressed, can you tell? Well done :)

  • Cheers! It's nice to impress people! :D I've impressed myself mostly though - I am frankly totally amazed! Not sure when I'll do it again - but I will definitely have to do another parkrun fairly soon. (Just don't like getting up early on a Saturday morning!)

  • I am SO impressed!!! Am still a long way off 10k and starting to think I'm not made to run that far. You have spurred me on. Well Done.

  • I think Malcy has given me the most inspiration - the idea that we really just don't know what we're capable of until we try, and that it's probably quite a bit more than we think! I just kept going, slow and steady, slow and steady - I could probably have gone for longer too, but thought that might be unwise!

    Not quite sure why I did it though - mostly just because I could, I think, knowing several people who aren't able to run, for various reasons. It wasn't actually a particular target!

  • :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) I Knew you could do it! I am absolutely, positively, stunningly proud of you!!!! See, since day 1, you have had it in you to be a runner! I'm standing up and doing a happy dance for you!!!!!! This made my day! :-) Gayle

  • Oh Greenlegs, very, bvey well done indeed! BRILLIANT WORK!

  • Greenlegs you are amazing, and I love the way you did it 1k at a time... I think half the problem is mentally thinking about how far 10k is! My lad and I are still doing stamina and manage about 5.4k and we are going to really slowly build up as I'm aware he's only 11 and I'm probe to knee troubles. You really are an inspiration, well done, Julia :)

  • Wow! The distance is amazing but what I am impressed with is the fact that you ran for an hour and forty minutes!!!! Wow fantastic job. Very very impressed. :))

  • Thank you, friends! :) My knees are a little stiff today, but not sore - but I came downstairs rather more slowly than usual! And best of all, my face hasn't gone bright red and sore today, so it must have been the wind-chill that caused the earlier problems. I'm really happy about that, as it means I can keep running. Though I think maybe not 10k again for a while! :)

  • Just looked back to my very first blog on 15th Dec, and found this, "though even if I don't get to 5k running, it has got me outside and exercising again"

    Ha ha ha! Little did I know what I'd be doing less than 5 months later!

  • Very well done Di!! Even more so for doing it in jeans and with the camera! Just holding my water bottle this morning was annoying me....and shorts for me this morning too!! Jeans??? No way could I do that.... :O

    It's a brilliant milestone to reach and glad you are not suffering too much! :)


  • For goodness sake greenlegs...running in jeans...for 1h:40 !!? You trying to show us all up or what?! ;-) Hahaha...*bows down* I am in awe of you!

    There have been a few times when I've been walking into town when I've thought how lovely it would be to break into a run, but I have always resisted. Maybe next time I'll give it a go!

  • Really well done! What an achievement! I hope you are still buzzing from it and not aching too much. Running in jeans though.. sounds very uncomfortable, even more of an achievement! Hats off to you!

  • No big aches at all, surprisingly! I did my mile run this afternoon - bit slower than before (11.5 min rather than 10.5 last time) but it was ok.

  • Wow. 10k on a whim and in jeans. That's got to be a first for the site: well done! You're amazing :)

  • - but I'm not on day 88, or whatever it is you're up to! :D

  • This is great going Di....really well done. The sense of achievement is quite addictive, isn't it? I did 8.4 km last week by accident, it was also slow, but I did it :) Not sure about the jeans though...crazy woman :)

  • Very strange the things we can do by accident, isn't it! :D Yes, crazy indeed - but proud! :)

  • Wow, that it astonishing! Very well done, what an achievement!

  • I'm so impressed that I'm speechless ....wow :)

  • Fantastic achievements and like everyone else in ore that you did it in jeans :-)

  • There must be something in the air - I had a brilliant run tonight, NOWHERE near as far as yours but still a fabulous sense of achievement. I am just so inspired by your blog. How good are we guys at sharin' the love - supportive and encouraging when one of us is down or had a bad run and genuinely so happy when of us has had an achievement like this. Well done, Greenlegs, for showing us the way. What you need to do is reward yourself with something well-deserved - like a pair of lycra running bottoms and ditch the heavy joggers and heans - you know you're worth it!

  • Thanks, everyone. I'm now beginning to think it was someone else that did it - surely it can't have been me?! Odd! :)

    Must go and hunt down some new bottoms! :)

  • Belated congratulations ! Been a bit busy over last couple of weeks and not had time to check the site much, but saw you had reached the magic 10k and wanted to congratulate you. That's so great. You've come so far in such a short time, it's truly inspirational.

    I'm slowly working my way up to 10k, just adding a bit more - now up to 7.4. Someday soonish, fingers crossed I'll get there.

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