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ParkRun and 10k plans

I started c25k in October, after seeing a friend who had done the same thing 12 months before and now runs regularly. My running friend came to visit for new year and we inevitably spent a fair bit of time talking about running. We've now planned to do her local ParkRun together on my birthday in February, a 10k race for life in June, and a 10k beach race in October. Since graduating just before Christmas I've been running without any kind of programme, trying to increase the distance that I'm running. Would anyone recommend a particular programme to get me up to 10k, or any other training tips? I run 3 times a week, for 30 minutes at a time during the week, with time for a longer run at the weekend.

I'm really excited at the running adventures ahead!

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We graduated at a similar time, and like you, I am not on any particular programme but do two 5ks and a longer run each week. Have now reached 7k on my long run and aim to do my first 10k event in March.

There are lots of 5-10k training plans/apps out there (I printed off the Bupa one initially) but I feel happiest working at my own pace! I have made sure not to increase distance by more than 10% a week and run various routes and surfaces to build up strength in my legs. I also try and work on strength and flexibility with exercises at home and would love to try and fit in some Pilates classes when money allows!

Love your plan for 2016 - all sounds great. Good luck


Brave lady! I'm planning on a park run when the weather improves as the course is round a woods! My birthday is also in February...maybe I should mark the occasion in a way that doesn't involve food and alcohol!!

10k?? Not yet sure about that one mainly cos I think I'd get bored running for over an hour even if my lungs and legs were up for it!!

Anyway good luck and keep us up to date xx


It is a fair time to run, I ran for 1 HR 14 mins today but it opens up more interesting locations, like the trails and woods, round a local lake - I don't listen to music as I love the peace and quiet - there is lots to see and plenty of dog walkers where I go too!


I only graduated at Christmas and I'm still plodding along doing 30mins at a stretch, today I managed 3.16km in 30 mins. I downloaded the run keeper app on my phone to help me keep track

I wAs thinking I could increase the TIME of my run gradually until I was running for 5km in one go, and not worry too much about how long it takes me to do it.

Following with interest to see what the experts have to say.


That is a good plan, I settled with 30 minute runs and then on a good day just kept going to 5k. Then I started running 3 X 5k until that was ok. Julie


I graduated 14 weeks ago and now run 10k but for me a programme wasn't for me. I preferred to consolidate 5k runs and then on a good run day, ran a bit further to 5.5k, then 6, 7, 8 and then 10 - this way I could se how my legs were on a run, what my recovery was like rather than ploughing through a programme. Also, I don't want to do recovery walks as I like to do a continuous run.

The general rule is not to increase your run by anymore than 10% but my thinking is that C25K was amazing but once I got to 5k I needed to avoid injury and be more cautious!


I have just finished the BUPA 5-10k plan. It builds you up slowly. It worked for me after thinking I would never run 10k I can now and in a good time too.


Thanks for all the replies. I guess I'll keep on as I'm going with the 30 mins twice during the week, and pushing the longer weekend run a bit further each time. I've got until the summer to be ready for the first 10k, so that should hopefully be plenty of time.

I never thought I would be saying any of this in October, when week 1 run 1 felt like such a challenge! 😄


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