Fear of week 3

I'm a bit scared of week 3. I plan to do my first weeks run this Wednesday. Today I finished week 2 and I plan to take a gentle walk ran tomorrow. To rest.

I'm really nervous, about this weeks fun run. I hope I have not bitten off more than I can chew.

I have also discovered that I have two bad habits.

The first is getting a coffee with vanilla syrup after a run. And the second is clock watching on the treadmill,

My goals for week 3 is to try and break those bad habits. And try to do the run for 3 minutes. Frankly right now the idea is terrifying.


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24 Replies

  • I found Week 3 the hardest by far but if I can do it, you can. Think positive! Once I managed to get over the hurdle of running for 3mins the next challenges seemed do-able. Good luck!

  • Nice and slow and you will be fine.

    Cover the clock. It will help. Alternatively, move outside. I have always found a run goes by more quickly in the open air.

    Trust in yourself and trust in the programme

  • Can you find a track you like that's exactly 3 minutes long to listen to ? Ditch the coffee, have some water ! Good luck.

  • If you are anything like me this change to running is massive. If you are successfully getting on with the runs I can't see a little treat after is all that bad, especially not now. If that is what you fancy then have one. What I have found is fairly soon you simply won't want to eat and drink the same 'old you' things anyway.

    As for the run, just take a deep breath and give it your best shot. I am about to embark on week 5 and I promise you as every week ends the forth coming week is terrifying but so far I have managed them. Not sure about this week mind you :)

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  • watching the clock on the treadmill is my problem too. I used the app with headphones and covered the clock. You might want to cover the distance too. Running outside is better if you can find

  • Peskymouse...we can do this ! Im hoping to do w3r1tomorrow...all the best comrade....


  • Good luck today. Remember to go slow.

  • Thank you...great that you did it! Well done peskymouse...

  • Thank you. I still can not believe that I managed it. It was a surprise.

  • Today was a rest day. But I decided to push a little I walked for 10 min then run a min at 7.2. Then walk at 5.2 for 4 min and run for a min. I repeated this cycle for 60 minutes. I did just over 5 km I was so shocked.

    Then went on a bike for ten min, then walk for 5 min on treadmill at 5.5 and an incline of 5.5. Then to the stepper for 10 min, then my challenge task on treadmill. Incline 10 walk 5.0 for one min then reduce incline by 1 every 30 seconds until 5 min gone then run for 1 min before I cool down for 5 min

  • I've just had my first wobble at week 3 - I only managed to run for 2 minutes of the first 3 minute run. I managed the 2nd 3 minutes and did an extra minute at the end to try and make up for it, but I still felt rubbish as I'd been doing alright up until that point. Still I know I can do it now, so the next run I'm going to go all out and get it done!

    Don't be put off thinking you can't do it as you absolutely can, I think that's where I went wrong - remember what you've achieved so far and think of the delicious coffee waiting for you at the end :-)

  • Mmmm for coffee , good coffee I could do almost anything!

  • Good luck pesky,

    I've lost a few days running with being away at concerts and weekend breaks etc and no opportunity to run. So I finished w2r3 Monday ebejing. I'm heading out tonight for w3r1.

    I read here a few weeks ago from someone who doesn't ever know what's in store for that run - doesn't look at the week ahead, just puts on headphones and heads out. I think that may be the way forward for me or I will always be terrified of what's in store.

  • Yippee I did it. I can't believe it. I really did it.

    Sitting celebrating with a coffee with my boss

  • Fantastic - I bet you felt great!

  • Yes I'm so shocked. I'm still not sure how I did it. I covered the time with a towel so that I would not clock watch.

  • Tomorrow I'm doing some charity work so no excercise. Still it's ok I think to take time off

  • Surprised myself. Managed to fit some gym time in yesterday. But my new day shoes cut my feet. So I have a blister now. And the heels of my feet are slightly cut. I put antiseptic on them last night.

    Today it's so hot I hope I will be able to run.

  • Not sure what happened today. I think my brain went on auto. I was thinking about a friend in hospital current. And saying to myself must remember it's a 90 then 3 min loop. Well silly me, before I knew it I had ran/ walked for 65 minutes. I don't know where the time went.

  • I'm starting week 3 on Tuesday. Very apprehensive about managing to run for 3 minutes - I did week 2 for 5 sessions to get to a place where I felt I could graduate on to week 3. I also bought new running shoes from a specialist running shop so they assessed my stride and gate etc so got some really comfortable and supportive springy shoes. Hope they have batteries in them for week 3 :-)

  • You can do it. Just be stubborn and try not to clock watch. Listen to a song that you k ow is about the right time.

  • Beleive in you...you can do this! The lovely laura is with you...sending positive vibes....


  • I missed the gym today. I was so busy. So tomorrow I will do this.

    Just found out I'm going to England on the 18th so I need to do as much as possible before then. As I know I will have to take ten days off then I will be too busy.

    Taking the kids to the UK to explore. It should be fun. I think I will walk miles.

  • Yippee week three is complete. I found it harder than the previous run in week 3 and I'm not sure why

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