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Week 3 done & dusted!

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41 years old, size 20, overweight and a bit unfit.

I can't believe that's me finished week 3. I've gone from someone who has never run in her life to counting down the hours until my next run! Mind you I'm already dreading week 3 as I'm moving from 3 minute runs onto 5 minute runs which sounds very scary at the moment. Saying that, going from 90 seconds to 3 minutes was freaking me out last week so just have to see how it goes.

I'm doing the C5K on the treadmill as too scared (& embarrassed) to run outdoors yet. I am hoping to do this once I get through my 9 weeks of this and can't believe that's me a 3rd of the way already!!!

Anyone having doubts just take a step back and ask yourself why you are doing it is the first place...

17 Replies
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Well done you! You should be really proud! Stick with it, I'm on week six and I was nervous like you but the programme really does prepare you for stuff and you can always repeat a week if you want to do it more gradually :-)

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GILLS1 in reply to Andreagetfit1

How you finding week 6? I've heard mixed reports about that week. I'm sure my family think I'll never see week 6 never mind week 9 so I'm determined to prove them all wrong.

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Andreagetfit1 in reply to GILLS1

The thought of week six was a lot worse than doing it. It starts off with some nice shorter runs, but on the third run is 25 minutes. It's definitely a mental thing, I was determined to give it my best shot and so pleased that I managed to do it. You will too! Prove your family wrong and get lots of positive support from here. I think finding somewhere nice to run is good, I found a lovely park this morning with lots of different flat trails to explore.

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GILLS1 in reply to Andreagetfit1

Thank you. A couple of our nice parks do 5k park runs so if I graduate and build up my confidence enough I will give it a shot. I'm hoping to be able to do Race For Life in June. I walked the 10k last year so if I could jog the 5k this year I would feel I'd really made a huge improvement and effort. Good luck with rest of your C5K.

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the_tea_fairyGraduate in reply to GILLS1

If you're already able to walk 10k then you're definitely going to be able to run 5k. I'm at the point where my longest runs are now about the same as my longest walks because if you're going to cover ground, you might as well cover it at a reasonable speed :).

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Well done you! Once you start on the longer runs, it's not embarrassing being out in the big wide world. I found it embarrassing in the walking breaks to start with because I was all dressed up for running and I thought people would wonder why I'd got all that garb on to go out for a walk! I'd definitely recommend running outside - I've heard it's a bit harder (never run on a treadmill myself) but a bit more interesting and so easier to keep motivated. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you. I had a broken foot years back and did back ligament damage to my other foot a couple of years ago that still annoys me so I feel safer on the treadmill for now as not having to worry about tripping over anything (except my own feet!). I have a few friends who run most days so hopefully by springtime I'll feel brave enough to pair up and give it a go.

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Well done !!! Its a great programme and just keep trusting Laura she will get you through it. I love running outside so when you feel ready give it ago! It's a lot different than running on a treadmill so just need to adjust. Good luck with week 4.

Well done for sticking with it, you'll show your family what's what! Do try and pluck up the courage to get outside, you'll see all shapes and sizes and ages running, and the only people who will even notice you are other runners, and they'll understand how it is to be a new runner. it really is so lovely to be outside in the sun, or even the rain. I didn't have the option of a treadmill, I did feel a bit silly in the early weeks, but soon felt like a proper runner - you will too!

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Don't be scared about running outdoors. It's a lot more fun than a treadmill and I'm sure you'll want to be out there before week 9. Nobody really cares about what speed you run at. If anyone notices at all they are more likely to appreciate that you are out there, getting exercise.

There's one runner I occasionally see on my morning route who is so slow that I have to be careful not to overtake her whilst i'm still on my warm up walk (I double back for a few hundred yards if I see her so at least I pass her when I'm running). There's no-one who can be slower, but it doesn't worry her one jot. We say a cheery good morning to each other when we meet and go on our ways. Don't worry about being too slow, the wrog shape etc. Get out and enjoy yourself ;)

AdamB is right and you must remember that you are doing this for YOU. There really are all sorts of runners out there (we all are for a start) and when you feel a bit more confident do give it a go outside. You've done amazingly well so far so do keep us posted on how you're getting on, we'd love to know.

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Thank you. This forum is great for boosting the confidence. I must make a point of coming on it before I do my run to remind me why I'm doing it.

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Don't dread it. You'll be fine. You're in good hands with Laura. Just listen to her and do what she tells you. She will get you to the finish. Go slowly and steadily

Running outside is just the best thing. Try it. No-one gives a stuff about you honestly. They're not looking at you. Give it a whirl. We all have

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Well done. Confidence will come as you work your way through the program. I started out running in the dark as I felt self conscious. Now I just don't care any more :) Anyway, from what you say sounds like you've already caught the bug :) Happy running :)

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You are amazing. Thank you for giving me the courage to go and try week 3! I was a size 20 this time last year and am now a size 12, but still can't run!! Good luck to you (and don't feel embarrassed - anyone watching you will be doing it in awe of what you are doing!)

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GILLS1 in reply to Helzbellz

Wow well done on going from a 20 to a 12. How'd you do it if you don't mind me asking? I've gone from a size 24 to an 18/20, lost 3 1/2 stone then stuck so started this challenge to see if it kickstarts my weightloss again. Week 5 begins tomorrow eek...

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Helzbellz in reply to GILLS1

I joined slimming world. I've done every diet under the sun and have finally found the one that works for me. Not really a diet at all, just healthy eating and LOTS of food! I love it and will always eat this way now. You've had a fabulous loss so far Gills1 so well done you!

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