Week 1 Run 3 done!

First time runner. Surprised that I struggled with run 3 of week 1 after making myself run in freezing cold rain and bad winds on run 2 (felt great after that one) is it normal for the third run to be hard? I have cut back on junk food, could that be why too (no sweets all week). I'm really keen to keep this up. Thought I might do a week one on Sunday again and start week two Tuesday. Please tell me it gets easier......

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  • It does get easier! I'm no pro (week 8 run 3 coming up) but I find on days when I feel good it can be a hard run and on days I don't feel up for it I run well! Keep going though, the feeling of doing it when you don't think you can is AMAZING!

  • Thanks! You're right, I felt good today but had a hard run. Can't believe how lethargic I feel tonight. will do week 1 on Sunday again (that's 4 times in a week). Then week 2 on Tuesday. Would love to be running confidently non stop when the lighter nights come in. I WILL DO THIS! :)

  • It does get a bit easier ... then it gets harder again! Just think - you've only got to do 6 runs not 8 next week - hurrah! I bet your body is wondering what has happened to it - all this running and NO SWEETIES. It takes a while for a bod to get used to change, so don't panic. Make sure you eat plenty of protein and have a banana before you run - much better than sugar!

  • That's maybe why run 2 in the bad weather seemed easier - I ate a banana before it. Thanks - glad I found this forum :)

  • It gets easier :-)

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