20 mins done and ditched Laura!!!

Yay I just did the 20 min run flat out non stop and could've kept going!!! Six weeks ago I couldn't even do a minute, I'm so chuffed with myself! Didn't even use the podcasts just set stopwatch and kept running! When I checked I'd done 19 mins ๐Ÿ˜€ so much easier when ur not listening for someone telling you you are halfway there! Have found myself saying 'mind over body', keep pumping your arms and don't forget to breathe lol, makes life so much easier! Bring on week 6!!!!!

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  • Congratulations with the 20 minutes. What an achievement, it feels great doesn't it?

  • Amazing! I'm still buzzing! Can't quite believe it as I was dreadful six weeks ago!

  • Well done, that's fab! I've decided to stick with Laura's music for one more run (my graduation one) and then strike out on my own with my own choice of music - good to know it is pretty good out there without her!

  • Well done on the run that's amazing! But how could you ditch Laura? Bank holiday weekend and all x ;-)

  • She let me down earlier in the week and I gave myself a good kicking over what I thought was a bad run when it was actually a bad app! Have downloaded the podcasts for the next few runs as they are more staggered and will need her but was very cross with her on Thursday lol!

  • Oh I don't blame you then, can't have her messing about! X :-)