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W5R3 Woooohoooo 20 mins run DONE!


I have to admit that I almost bottled this run today! I was talking myself out of giving it a go even before I got to the gym. But to my surprise I smashed it. I’m so totally proud of myself

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Do you believe yet? That’s the run that says, more than any other “I can do this”

Great job... give week 6 respect, it looks like it starts easy, but it’s caught people out, more than any other time, slow and steady is the way to go. Enjoy knocking those runs down.

Ceri1969Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Yes I’ve noticed week 6 has caught many out. Good advice


Good for you running 20 minutes is a big achievement

Brilliant, well done, I was convinced I would stop at some point during this run, but didn’t, I hurt the next day though

Ceri1969Graduate in reply to Lansdown49

Me too, my legs keep seizing up, despite stretching before and after the run

Very well done, I’m just starting W5 😀


Cracking effort! Enjoy week 6 😀


Well done Ceri1969! That's my next run and I'm really looking forward to it. Completed W5R2 this morning and felt I could have kept going after the first 8 mins (not so much the second 8 mins though!). I'm sticking to the plan and feeling inspired after your post. :)

Ceri1969Graduate in reply to Hidden

For me it was the mental effort to run for that length of time. I did reduce my run after 10 mins to 5.5 km per hour though but I kept going. GOOD LUCK, let me know how you did xxxx

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