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Ditched Laura (sorry!) took up with Sting, George Michael and Sam Sparro and did 31 mins!!

Ok a couple of little walks at the top of hills.... But once I got going I thought why stop at 25 mins. It felt so good, I ran all the way home and into the garden, much to the horror of my two sons, I don't think the jubilation dance helped.

When I was about to set off I realised that I didn't have week 7 on the iPod so decided to time myself, play the running playlist I'd put together a while ago in anticipation of this moment and off I went. Having my own music really, really helped. I was almost singing on the way round and when two good songs came on at the end I just didn't want to stop.

This is a real break through moment for me, I know I can do it....just need to master those hills, or move somewhere flat!

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It's a common story - everyone loves Laura but hates the music so does their own fom about week 7 - much more motivating!


Yeeeehaaaa Go You! :D

Yep, I now know several people who have used their own music once the long runs start - me included! Like you, after putting together my 25 min playlist, I soon abandoned it and allowed my playlist to go onto random shuffle - had some amazing fun and tracks and soon found I was regularly going over the required time for the week :)

Enjoy your outings, bopping along and singing as you go - creates a nice image ;) Linda x


steer away from Bat Out Of Hell for now :-) may tip you over the edge :-) Shame hills aren't only for running down!!


Great! Hills - just take shorter steps, and don't expect to go quite so fast, and they're not half as bad as they look. :)


Thanks Greenlegs, your advice has always been good so I'll give it a go tonight.


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