Oh no! On the injury couch😒

I cannot believe it! After going back to work today following a virus, I managed to tear a calf muscle whilst in the playground at lunchtime ( I work in a school). Feel very silly as I wasn't even charging around (much) at the time! Gp says rest, elevation, nurofen etc and it should settle in 1-2 weeks. 1-2 weeks! What about my C25k (wk 8) and half term camping with the family? Any healing vibes, please send them this way......


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6 Replies

  • Oh no Sandra! What an absolute pain. Dare I ask what were you doing in the playground to tear a calf muscle? Catchie kissie?

    I feel for you but the running will be there when you're ready again and you'll get those last runs done. The rest might do you the world of good and you'll come back stronger than ever.

  • Ha ha! It was -'snapping pirahnas' actually. Thanks for your words of support...l will see it as a period of rest before my victorious return!

  • Ah that's a real bugger Sandra.

    On the plus side though, it does sound like only minor damage and in two weeks you won't lose much at all in terms of your running legs.

    All the best with the RICE stuff.

  • I hope so Dunder. Hopefully be back out there soon. thanks😀

  • Oh no Sandra I'm so sorry! I worked in a school too until very recently - since I became I daughter's carer I go back once a week for a couple of hours to volunteer and keep my hand in!

    Rest well and I hope you heal up as quickly as possible as good as new and ready to run again. :-)

  • Thanks Helen. I'm sure I will

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