Off the Injury Couch?

Whinge Alert!

Yours truly dragged his enfeebled frame off the Injury Couch this morning to sighs of relief from fellow sufferers - it's a bit crowded on there, you see - in order to attend my long awaited GP's appointment - stuff the patients, he'd been on holiday for a couple of weeks!

I was pleased to note that not only was he aware of Couch to 5K, he enthusiastically supported it.

After poking, prodding, pulling, pushing and tweaking he announced, "I think we can do something about this."

Apparently I need "Spinal and Pelvic Re-alignment & Postural Correction" which sounds much better than, "Stand up straight, don't slouch you slovenly git!" but the local Physio / Sports Injury Clinic has a 175 day waiting list it seems.

I told him I was quite prepared to pay for private treatment and he handed me one of their cards whilst bemoaning the fact that he didn't earn a single penny for referring me - makes tears well up at the thought of it doesn't it?

Anyway, I ambled along to the clinic and managed to get a consultation appointment for later on this very morning so I might run out of excuses for not running soon although I'm ashamed to say I've gotten rather too comfortable on the I.C. and lost the desire to run so a kick up the jacksy, jaxie, jacksie - however you spell it - from you lot might be required in the near future.

Whinge over.


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18 Replies

  • Poor you! Hope the appointment does the trick so you can start moving again. Money talks in the health service then? GP s are very poorly paid, u should've slipped him a quid! LOL

  • Thanks.

  • You've just forgotten you enjoy it. (If that's a lie, just tell it to yourself with a lot of cunning, and it'll be a huge improvement on the truth).

    <evil grin smiley> ... Have you ever thought of trying spinning?

  • True, I used to enjoy it and I will again I'm sure. As for spinning, no, I use a bike - it gets me to the pubs that aren't within walking distance ; )

  • Now then Mr B, its good to hear from you again :-)

    Oh dear, sounds like you are going to be rubbed out and drawn again ha ha :-)

    No seriously, I really hope you get yourself sorted out and straightened up again so that youre not wonky anymore , it will be fab to have you back here running your little socks off .

    Good luck with the consultation and let us know how you go on . I am just off to polish my special " kick up the jacksie " Size 9's - be warned ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you poppypug, I'll assume the position in readiness then.

    A dainty little thing like you wears a size 9? surely not, you must be fibbing!

  • As long as you can manage it with your "enfeebled frame " :-)

    Apart from being a bit wonky , you haven't suffered any more DIY calamities have you ? You know the sort of stuff, falling off ladders ,hitting your thumb with the hammer, setting yourself on fire , that sort of thing ? :-) xxx

  • No, life's refreshingly uneventful at the moment thanks, burns almost completely healed and sound in wind and limb to boot.

  • Good to hear things are sound in the wind department :-D xxx

  • I take a size 5 normally , but I have a pair of size 9s just for kicking up the jacksie purposes :-) xxx

  • A kick up the jacksie sounds liek a rather radical method of pelvic realignment.

  • Indeed!

  • Good to hear you're on the move again, Phil. Hope the consultation goes well.

  • Thanks Steve,

    I attended the Physiotherapy Clinic as mentioned above and endured a severe belabouring with a motorcycle chain - or at least that's how it felt - from a Helga (from 'Allo 'Allo) impersonator but I'm not allowed to run or even cycle for the immediate future - how long is immediate?

    "For you Balti, ze running is over."

    However, I'm still allowed to swim or go for walks (presumably I have to goosestep!)

    I've been given some daily exercises to perform before returning for another damn sound thrashing on the 28th.

    That'll teach me to complain!

    Stay injury free, backache's bad but sciatica really is a pain in the @rse.

  • You did well on the rapid physio appointment. Money talks doesn't it. Sigh

    Money well spent if it gets you re-aligned and running again. I do hope so as the injury couch is such a boring place to languish

  • I didn't mind the injury couch at first but it's too crowded now and unbelievably, everybody mistakenly thinks that their pain is worse than mine!

    Hope you're fully recovered now Miss W.

  • Blimey Phil ha ha ( sorry :-))

    So what did she do to you ? Sounds like some kind of medieval torture, I bet you were really scared when she got the cat o' nine tails and horsewhip out weren't you ? Ha ha :-D

    Ah well , get the'sen back on the IC , you are excused for now , I suppose !

    Just think, you can go back next week and have it done all over again !

    Don't worry, nowt to worry about, you 'll be fine :-) xxx

  • Thankfully I was allowed to keep my socks on!

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