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Roll up, week 2

I was so excited to start week two in my new gym.

I did something a little foolish. Did not take a day. Off. And to make it worse I did 7 repeat runs not 6. Running on an incline on a treadmill.

I was daft, I admit it was not a smart move.

Knee today feels like it might give. So I'm being nice to it. My feet also feel like they belong to another.........

So tomorrow I will try and swim I think. And hope I feel up to a run on Thursday.

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Oh dear ! The rest days are VERY important ! Hope you feel recovered soon, be kind to your body....

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I find swimming so beneficial for the stiff muscles, hot bath or jacuzzi.

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I wish, I don't own a bath. So only showers. The gym does not have a jucuzzi . But maybe I will go to a hotel this weekend. Although hotels here are busy at the moment preparing for the Olympics.

This will shock people tickets are only 80 pence to 2 pound 50 each. Approx. it's in Baku though.


Week 2 run two was successfully completed today. About half way through I thought I could not do this. But I refused to give up. I'm a stubborn so and so.

I'm so glad I kept it up.

After I completed I went on the bike for 5 min, the treadmill to walk for 6 min, the stepper for 10 min and then a final 4 min walk and one min extra run. Before I cooled down.

I'm proud of myself


Friday, I took a general excercise day. Basically walk for 10 minutes. Then run for one minute every other four minutes. I did this for 25 minutes. Then my challenge.

Friday's was to use treadmill. Walk at incline 10.00 at a speed of 5.0. For one minute. Then decease incline by 1 every 30 seconds. Until 4 minutes used. Then run at speed 7.3 for one minute.

Then begin cool down for 5 minutes. Decreasing speed to 5.5 then decrease speed by 0.5 every 30 seconds.

Until my heat rate is normal.

Treated myself to a massage after.


Saturday is a complete rest day. No excercise. Spoil self.

Go to hair dresser, get my nails done. Eat sushi. Relax.


Sunday. Today. I'm relaxing. However I plan to go into the country and go horse riding. Yay. Gentle day.

Monday I will hopefully complete week 2 run 3


I ache still, I forgot how much riding can make you ache! Still today I will try and complete week 2. Fingers crossed.


Today I completed week. Two. So I'm out to celebrate with a nice salad and smoothie.

Not sure how I will manage week 3. This week was hard. Considering a repeat. But I'm not sure.

I have just been told on the 18th of June I will be in England for a week. However it's unlikely I will get to excercise that week. So I want to do as much as possible before my forced break.


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