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Week 1 Complete! Roll on Week 2!


Completed W1 R3 today, I nearly got blown away! :o My second run was nice and sunny but the first and third have been wet and windy ... though not unpleasant?

R1 was a lot tougher than I first thought but I enjoyed it.

R2 I found more challenging ... I didn't enjoy it at all. Mabey it was just a bad session for me? I read in a magzine you have good and bad runs like good and bad hair days! I felt done in, aching chest, weak legs. I was worried about R3 and then the transition to W2 but todays 3rd run was fantastic! I felt great, I kept a more consistant pace and speed, I felt like I was beginning to find 'my rythem' if that makes sense. I recovered quicker and really noticed a change in myself and my performance.

Roll on W2 now!! Hoping my confidence continues to improve as well as my fitness, I ran in the streets today rather than the lanes by the beach and didn't feel the need to dive into the hedge or hide behind lamposts everytime another human came into view :)

So far, I'm loving my C25K journey! And this community is such a motivation and source of inspiration and advice! xxxxxx

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Congratulations on week 1! Yes, it is definitely true that you will have good and bad "run days". I certainly do. Just do exactly what you did: do your best, shrug off the bad runs, and rock the next one!

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Thanks Alaiyo :) I will certinaly do that, the 'feel good' you get from this program definatly outweighs the bad runs!


A bad run always make me determined to make the next run a good one. Congratulations and keep us posted.

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Thanks jomcc4 :)


I'm right behind you! Will be doing W1run3 today. Run 2 was hard so hope this one will be easier. Was wondering if I should repeat Week 1 but we'll see how it goes - and I'll be looking out for your blog on Week 2 :-)

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I thought the same, daystogo! I was almost certain I would have to repeat week one after my secod run nearly killed me! It just goes to show how effective and achievable the program is I suppose!

Hope your last W1 run went well!! Look forward to reading your blogs :)

Moving on to week 2 today. Managed all the runs in week 1 on the 5th attempt. Was a little worried at one point that an elderly couple who were walking their dog were going to overtake me while I was 'running'! Think that motivation helped! Looking forward to week 2 - apparently Laura starts giving you tips!

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I read on someone elses blog that Laura starts giving you tips, I'm looking forward to a change of podcast to, because I got a bit bored of that one on my last run.

Well done for all your hard work to complete week one! Makes moving on to week to a special achievment! Lokk forward to reading how your W2 R1 goes :) keep us posted!

Well done! It took all my willpower to go out today for W2R3 even after a great run yesterday. Found it really tough but glad I did it. Going to rest up tomorrow before doing next one Tue. Keep going & god luck! :0)

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