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Week 8 Run 2


My first run in the dark! Managed to avoid the rain and it was a pleasant night. Run was pretty good start to finish and tonight's wildlife was bats!! 🦇

To be honest I didn't feel like going out (nothing to do with the dark or weather). This run should have been yesterday but the winds were too strong. I thought loosing a day I would be champing at the bit to get out but I wasn't. Not really sure why? Maybe sleep and food related? It's two things I've been thinking about a lot anyway. I'm definitely not getting enough sleep and my body could do with being better fuelled especially now the runs are longer.

Putting that aside I enjoyed the run. I hoped I would - I knew I would! Felt like it blew the cobwebs off a bit! I set off up the hill straight away, I've been playing about with my route around the park and thought I would be better mid run however I'm preferring it at the start. It really knackers you but it feels good after and my breathing seems to regulate better too! Off round the tarmac and onto the meadow where I almost fell on my arse as it was so soggy! But it's my favourite part so I did another lap! Then saw the bats!!! I don't know why but seeing the wildlife really spurs me on!!! Park was getting too dark so ran around the houses and it was good to go somewhere different! My cues were all different-not sure if that was on purpose so you don't wait for them, but I did!!!

I feel this has turned into more of a waffle than usual!!!! So I'll end with saying I'm loving my new running gear, glad to get out of the hubbys tops and trousers and wear something more flattering!

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Go you. Can't believe we've only 4 more to do..... what we gonna do then??

Marcia-HGraduate in reply to SOULY47

I know!!! What are we going to do?!?! Do you have plans?

I’m nowhere near hitting the 5k so I’m going to work on that!

You sound so positive, good for you. I go out running in the dark too but in the morning not the middle of the night, bats would freak me out but definitely make me run - away! 😀

Good job, I'm running W8R2 tomorrow morning, hope it's not too chilly.

Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Rooster678

I’m glad you said that as I was thinking it was quite negative and gloomy for on here! But that’s good it’s came across positive!!!

Yeah I too like running first thing but last night was good for a change!

Loved the bats! It usually squirrels! Hope your run went well this morning 👍


Another great run. You are nearly done. It sounds like the programme has had such a positive impact on you. Well done 👏👏👏

Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Shakywakey

Thank you! Just said above ☝️that I thought I sounded a bit of a moan! But it really has had a positive effect! Can’t believe I’m nearly finished the programme!!!!


Nearly into the home straight now! 😸

Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Katnap

Thanks-gosh I know!!! When you start this you think it’s so far away and now it’s here!!


Great job... hope you get the sleep sorted, 4 runs to go to that podium.

Marcia-HGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks! So close now, eek!!

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