week 1 day 2

Aaaaarrrrrgggg....It was so hard today...I couldn't jog for whole minute,I couldn't catch my breath,most of my 30 mins I was brisk walking...I'm a bit angry with myself :( I did 3.4 k , which is a worse result than yesterday.I just got home and realized how much my legs hurt...it's hard to walk and I feel so tired....Did anybody feel the same way as I do or is it only me???


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  • Don't forget your rest day! If you did week 1 run 1 yesterday the programme advises at least 1 rest day in between runs. Might help with the tired legs :) Plus, at just starting out that is quite a distance you are covering. It it feels tough, slow down.

    Have a rest and don't run again until Saturday at the earliest. You can do this :)

  • oh i thought it was 3 days running and 4 days rest whoops,I thought it was a bit hard..im not going to run until saturday now thank you for the advice :)

  • Not as hardcore as you thought ;)

    Rest those legs and let us know how you get on when you next run :) Nice and slow and you'll be great :)

  • Don't try to run fast - it's all a very slow jog at present. And certainly don't start fretting about distance! It couldn't matter less at this stage. Enjoy your rest day and good luck for Saturday - you can do this!

  • It sounds like you are probably trying to go too fast. At the point of graduation, 3.4k was about the distance I covered in a 30 minute run, not a warm up, 20 minute walk/run, 5 minute cool down! Plus take rest days between runs so you can recover. Good luck, I am sure you will be fine if you look at these things.

  • I think you've come at this a tad fast :) day on, day off ( even 2 days off) and run very slowly. Don't even think how far, just focus on running for the allotted times...simples :) you'll be fine!!!

  • Slow and steady Kat, keep it slow and steady xxx

    Dont worry about pace/speed , just a gentle jog

    Well done, keep going youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Start slow. Take it easy. Go for a leisure walk, then next timefor a brisk walk, then jog or shuffle for a few seconds, then longer, then eventually the one minute jog will be a breeze.

    It may take a few weeks to reach W1with confidence but you will surprise yourself! Make sure you have a rest day in between. If you push yourself too hard, you may give up, which would be a shame because you can do it.

    I am a 68yrs old who was obese, tired and unhappy and now I am a 68years old going on 30, just a couple of pounds overweight, fit, happy and on top of the world. If I can achieve this, so can you. Go for it. You can do it.

  • This is exactly the distance I was doing for the first 2 weeks and I felt exactly as you do. I came on the forum at the beginning of this week asking for advice and everyone told me to slow down. I did and straight away managed to do week 3 run 1. The distance was shorter but I get it now. These first weeks are about stamina, building up the time not the distance. I'm doing a slower pace and shorter strides and can feel the benefit. It's still a challenge but doable. And of course take the rest days :)

  • I know,I probably wanted to do the best I can straight away :) thank you for advice and support Katy :) x

  • Dont worry about distance until you graduate. Stay slow (basically fast walk with a slight spring in your step). It's all about building your stamina not speed or distance to begin with. One or two days rest in between each run is fine. Keep up the good work x

  • Hi Kat on week 1 I hurt quite a bit too especially the tops of my inner thighs that was really sore but in week 2 it had completely eased off as my legs were getting used to running. Keep going with determination you'll surprise yourself and it gets addictive! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Thank you :) My legs was hurting a lot yesterday-couldn't even sleep properly,but I feel much better today..:) Hopefully my legs will be ok tomorrow so I can go in the evening for run...if not I'll go on Sunday :) thank you for support :) x

  • Thank you everybody :) I suppose I wanted to give it all I had to do the best from beginning,but I'll slow down...I did 5 mins brisk walk,then walking/jogging and on the end 5 mins of cool down walking.I think I will have a look instead of walking for some exercise for warming up before running and cooling down after running.Maybe that will help me better than brisk walk and distance won't be that long so I'll be able to take it slow,but properly :) x

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