Couch to 5k. Week 1. Day 1. Complete Novice

So I did it.

But I can't believe how incredibly UNFIT I am!!

It was mostly walking (I'm fine at that), but I found the jogging, and I mean tiny little 60 second jogs, quite hard!! My legs are really aching and I'm a wee bit knackered.

Although I did manage to complete it.

Is this normal?

Feel a bit embarrassed about how unfit I've allowed myself to become. :(

(Female, 43, overweight).


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15 Replies

  • Hiya, I'd say very very normal! You will get fitter very quickly. Trust in the programme and try to enjoy it!!!

    Good luck and well done for starting!

    Elsie xxx

  • That sounds about right Dreamer :)

  • Perfectly normal I would say , no need to worry :-) I think there were loads of us on here who said exactly the same thing when we started , I know I did !

    Youve done the hardest step, youre up and moving . Keep at it , slow and steady and it will come .

    Well done on taking up the challenge ! Keep posting as it really helps in keeping you focused and motivated , plus its great to have it as a written record so you can read back and see how far you have come !

    Good Luck, you can do this ! :-) xxx

  • Hi there. I am in exactly the same place. Female aged 48 fed up being about 2 stone overweight. Had it all organised for 6.20am this morning but it was really raining at that time so I put it off until this evening at 7pm. My family thought I wouldn't do it after a day's work but hey! I did. Such a bit of self-checking in the mirror first though and asking myself "can I really go out looking like this"? I empathise 100% with you. Maybe we can motivate each other. By the 8th jog it was definitely easier. Must remember to empty the bladder fully just before starting my Wednesday session.

  • We've all been where you are now and if you just completely trust and follow this program you will totally amaze yourself i promise ☺😀

  • Well done for making a start. Don't let any comments put you off. Just get out there and finish those sessions ☺

  • Thank you for the motivation.

  • I started this week too. Second run Wednesday. We can do it!!

  • Bless you, I still remember it as if it was yesterday! I graduated 16 weeks ago and yet on week 1, the thought of running for 60 seconds terrified me and I counted every second. I remember struggling to keep going from one tree to another on my playing field and by the time the walk came I was so ready for it. I ran so slowly,mi told everyone I was almost going backwards!

    Focus on breathing deeply and slowly, it does not matter how slowly you run as long as you can do the time. Every time u go out, your body grows stronger and your confidence bigger! If I can, you certainly will, trust Laura, she knows more than a thing or two. Julie

  • No need to feel embarrassed - well done for making a start. I second what the others have said. I remember my first week... my legs felt like they were still running an hour after I had stopped so you are completely normal!

  • I've just finished week 1 and have to say my legs ached constantly between runs 1 and 2 but once the second run was out of the way they felt much better. Good luck with the rest of the week!

  • Make sure you are not doing your 60s too fast. When I started & run my first 60s I was knackered & couldn't wait to walk, but after a while I realised I was nearly sprinting the running parts! (because that is what I thoght runnng was) - take it easy & the distance builds up easily. I graduated last spring & have since done a number of park runs. After my first 60s running in week one I thought I'm never going to do this, but hey, never say never - well done :)

  • Well done getting started. Think it's pretty normal to ache - we're asking out bodies to do stuff they haven't done in years - if ever! Your fitness will keep up with the programme - it really works :)

  • I am the same. 41, unfit, smoked for 20 years, overweight. Not really done any 'exercise' since leaving school. I'm now on wk2 r3 & am achieving the targets. Some are easier than others for no apparent reason!?!! But hey doing something is better than nothing, no matter how far I get on the programme. I honestly didn't think I could run across the road. Well done x

  • You're doing fab - you've got off the couch and put your trainers on - that's the mental bit done. You've done the first run so you've already started the programme - seriously, you're doing soooooooo much better than all the other people who just talk about it but never do it. Your confidence, attitude, motivation and most importantly, lung capacity will grow and grow - blinking can't commend you enough - enjoy it as you're an inspiration to so many others x

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