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Week 2 run 1

I'm so pleased with myself, I almost didn't go out and it was getting later and later, then I spent 20 minutes messing around with clothes only to end up wearing the first thing and feeling all flustered. Went on the golf course which I find difficult as there are people all over the place, but I did it. I spent an hour out and did the runs twice, can't believe it. Was seriously plodding at the end but still I DID IT! Laura said at the end that was hard and she was right! I was so hungry when I got home, had a banana even though a chocolate bar was screaming my name. I feel sort of buzzy, not bad.

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Well done on completing you W2R1 session :)

Having the golf course as your route sounds quite nice to me.

You did well resisting the chocolate bar, sometimes my will power just isnt that strong.

I don't really have running gear, I usually just go in leggings and vest top (with a jacket too) maybe one day I'll get something to wear for just the occasions.


Hi Running has opened a whole new avenue shopping for me too. Seriously, I have lost so much weight that even my leggings were baggy! I had to buy stuff to run in, think my old leggings would have been round my ankles after 5 minutes. Envy the banana, I just get diet porridge after my runs


Well done!! Those are the sort of days to be proud of.... I hope it made you feel wonderful!

I have these mornings of faffing around as well....I've started getting everything ready the night before now so I can roll out of bed and straight out the front door :)


I'm trying to be organised but sadly as I have been sitting around getting fatter for nearly a year, nothing fits and I spend ages trying to find something that will cover me up enough to actually leave the house but still be able to move around in. Never mind, I am making a start and hopefully will see some improvement at some point.


An hour? Now that's dedication! You should be proud :) I know what you mean about getting the right clothes though, I ran once and my joggers kept rolling down over my muffin top and everything was wobbling about incontrollably :( Not nice (for anyone) I got some good joggers from TK Maxx with a nice high drawstring waist and a pocket in the back. It's just like wearing magic knickers!!!!! You gotta be comfy or your runs don't go right. Running on a golf course is very brave...have you ever got hit by a ball?!! I think you're doing fabulously, keep it up :)


Oh Thanks Pat, that's very kind. It's awful when you're trying to run and all you can think about is whether your bum is hanging out of your trousers! I run on a public path through the golf course but you have to be careful and wait sometimes for the golfers to go ahead. It's all fine as long as they are aiming in the right direction!


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