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Just a quick update to encourage those starting the couch25k that it doesn't have to be a race, you can take the program as slowly as you want to. I have been doing the schedule for 6 weeks but am only actually up to week 4 sessions. I stayed on week 3 an extra week just because I didn't feel ready and then when I went away and missed two sessions I went back to week 3 and have worked back up to 4 again. So, I'm not racing through the program but I'm here, I'm doing the sessions and I'm slowly progressing. I'm going away again at the end of the month so dare say I'll be yoyoing around week 3 and 4 for a while yet.


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8 Replies

  • You are so right. Just keep plugging away at your own pace and you'll get there. No longer stuck on the couch!

  • I totally agree. You'll end up falling in love with this running malarkey and wanting to do it for the rest of your life anyway, so what's another week or two on c25k?

  • Yep, no rush. I took an extra 5 weeks. Take it at your own pace, you have a lifetime of running to look forward to :-)

  • Sounds great steady progress. Well done :)

  • Good advice I was a bit deflated after my W8r2 tonight as I only did 3.5km so there is no way I will be at. 5km in 30 mins but your right it's about the doing it at your own pace :-D

  • Please don't worry about 5k in 30 mins. This programme wants to get you running for 30 minutes without stopping. You can work on the distance after you have graduated - if you want to!

  • Guys, guys, don't sweat the small stuff. I took about 6 months to get through it!! And I'm still here, enjoying the running, and now a graduate. It can be done, just keep 'er lit!!!

  • Yep!!! This is about what you want to do, no-one else matters :) life and running is here to enjoy eh?!!!

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