What happened?

I graduated, I was doing really well, then.... I stopped? Why? Now I'm having to start the program all over again, and am up to week 4 so far. I was shocked at how much my fitness had gone backwards, but I haven't had to repeat any weeks this time around, unlike my first time when I took more than a few weeks just to get past week 1. And my darling husband has forced me to enter a 10k in April, while he's running a marathon. I mean he actually threatened me with a weekend in a nice hotel in Brighton if I signed up. So now I'm back in the training saddle, doing my 3 runs a week, and panicking about whether I will be 10k fit by April. I will probably be trailing in as the half marathoners and marathoners sail past me.

Wish me luck everyone. I'll need it.


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11 Replies

  • You will do it. Maybe you just needed the goal to spur you on. You will be running again and training for your10km in no time. Welcome back.

  • Thank you. I did lose all interest in running for a while due to my lazy streak and life getting in the way, but its funny how when you realise how much extra work you have to put in because you haven't done anything for a while, it would actually have been easier to keep running. I don't want to be the unfit slob I was before, and I'm not nearly as bad as when I started first time round, so that's encouraging. The break has made me see it is something I have to keep working at though.

  • Oh no, what a pig of a husband to be threatening you with a nice hotel ;) Lol. He sounds fab! Seriously though, good on you for getting back in the saddle, you will be glad I'm sure xx

  • I am glad I've started again. Not quite got the enthusiasm back yet but I'm looking at running clothes again ;) - and looking at 10k training plans has been quite fun

  • just do what you are doing, have a plan and stick to it and all will be well...

  • thank you. I've found a training plan to follow up to 10k to start once I've finished C25K again. At least this time I know it works, and I know I will do it - there was always the doubt first time round. And I am doing better this time round. Next year the half marathon I planned for this year .....

  • You have revealed yourself as the sort of woman who will do anything for a weekend at a nice hotel in Brighton !!

  • maybe ;) ......... Its a nice feeling at 50 to be told you are going to be whisked away anywhere! :)

  • We've heard about women like that! LOL

    You'll be fine for 10 k in April. Loadsa time. I am just about to embark on a new 10 k plan for a race in March. Training starts from 27th December, just not sure when yet.

    If you have a proper plan you'll be fine as you won't run too much, which is something I look for in a plan

    Good luck!

  • At last I'm a shady lady : D

    I've found the BUPA 10k plan which looks quite good, and I think that weeks 1 and 2 of it I will skip as I will have finished the c25k by the time I start it, and the first 2 weeks look a little as if I am going backwards. I'm not hoping for miracles, just to finish the 10k is my first plan, and to try and do it under 1hr 20 is my bonus plan.

  • The first weeks are deliberately slow. Do those runs! They will build up your racing legs. You're gonna need em!

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