Still not able to run and feeling very frustrated

2 and a half weeks ago I did something to my knee while I was jogging down a fairly steep road, and my knee is still not better. I've not been able to run since as I'm waiting for my knee to heal up, and I can see my progress to date slipping further and further away.

I went to the doc on Friday, and he's told me to give it another week or two and if its not fully better to go for an MRI. I feel so fed up as I'm not a sporty person and I had really made progress and got enjoyment out of my running (got to week 5). I'm thinking once I manage to get back out there I'll have to go back to almost the beginning of the program again.

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  • Oh no :( Sorry to hear about your knee. Have you been properly resting it? I hurt my knee a couple of weeks ago too and it really helped me to elevate it on a footstool with a cushion under the knee too. Have you been applying ice? I believe that helps loads too. Hope it feels better soon xx

  • Thanks Spiky_moss. I must admit I haven't been applying ice since the day I did it, and my job involves a bit of walking so I probably haven't been giving it the best chance. I have been wearing tubigrip on it here and there (was told not to wear it too much) so maybe more ice is the key here. Thanks for your reply

  • Ice and elevate when you can. Wear the tubigrip while you are at work and having to walk, but don't wear it at night. Don't be discouraged.

  • Sorry to hear about your knee. They do take a while to heal, especially if you do a lot of walking. I had a problem at week 4 and it took a good month to settle. I would agree with the others about the ice and try to wear the tubigrip whenever you are walking. I found sleeping with a pillow under my knee helped and ibuprofen will help with the inflammation and also, I wore the tubigrip for the first few runs when I got back to running again. I found reading the posts here really encouraging and that helped keep my enthusiasm going while I couldn't run. Wish you a speedy recovery x

  • Thanks everyone for your replies, sorry to have a moan earlier. I just want to get back out there. I will heed your advice and hopefully will back up and running very soon x

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