Struggling with week 5 final run

Well - not actually tried it yet - did day 2 this morning. But I really don't see how I'm going to manage 20 minutes non - stop when 8 minutes feels like a long time.

Started the program in January - got up to the end of week 4 (having repeated weeks 1, 2 & 3) and then went skiing for 2 weeks. Came back and started again last week with week 4.

Any advice or tips on how to move on? Current plan is to cherry pick from weeks 5 & 6 to build up more slowly to the full on 20.


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  • You'll be amazed, but you will do it! This program is so clever at taking you along those increments successfully. I've just gone sequentially through the plan, week by week. I've just done the second run of week 7. Although my pace is slow, I feel like a runner - doing over 3.5km and almost 27 minutes of running!

    Keep the faith!

  • I would say have a go, the way to think of it is 2x8minutes runs back to back, which you know you can do and a little bit extra. Just take it steady and slowly. most people are concerned about this run but just trust laura.

  • The only way to find out is to give it a try. As vixchile says, it's not a 20 minute run - it's too 8 minute ones with a few minutes messing about in the middle with a bit of running. Don't go to fast. Take it at a very easy pace. You are interested in time spent running, not in distance covered.

  • I'd agree with everybody above - I'd also add that for me, waiting for Laura to tell me I can stop makes the running harder, so what I've found works for me is to try and picture where I am likely to be by the end of the time - 20 mins for wk5r3 and then run SLOWLY eating up the distance and milestones with the place in mind - sometimes Laura comes in sooner, sometimes later, but I'm not hanging on for her to say stop and it makes it sooo much easier, well, it does for me anyway :-)

  • I do the same as Potty. I also give me self small achievements, Passing the Pub, The Chippy, the next Cow, the lamppost, the end of this song etc. I run using the app not the podcasts and find longer songs better as in my head all songs are 3 minutes. So if you split the 20 minute run into 4 x 5 minute runs (you have done these loads of times by now) each 5 minute run is a song and a half (or there abouts) Laura always comes in before I thing she should. :) Go for it you CAN do it :)

  • Most people doubt their ability to achieve W5R3, and wonder if the programme is having a laugh, but most people manage it. The programme has been preparing you for this and you CAN do it. Running is as much about mental as physical strength and this is the run where this really starts to come into play. Having lots of pre-prepared things to think about is a good way of distracting yourself from how much further you have left to run. So, things like planning a holiday, making a shopping list, etc, whatever floats your boat and will occupy your mind. You can do this!

  • I also plan my next post :)

  • I went straight from being uncertain about 8 mins in w5r2 to full on 20 mins in w5r3 and was fine. I went a fair bit slower and kept listening to Laura saying 'you've done 5 minutes', 'you're half way through', '5 minutes left' and '60 seconds left'. It's a mental challenge rather than a physical one, to show you that your body copes fine if you just let it keep running. Fill your head with lots of thoughts. I just took in everything I was passing, turned round half way and sort of counted it all backwards on the way back - like princessStef says - there's that bridge coming up - that swan's still there - that boat has finished mooring now - etc. Also, at the end of the podcast, if you don't manage the full 20 mins, Laura gives loads of advice about repeating the run but slower, and not to feel bad as it is a big leap. So I say go for it - there's a good reason why you jump to 20 min at this point, and it's not a failure if you don't manage it first go anyway.

  • Why not just give it a go - you might surprise yourself. It's only another 4 mins on top of what you've been doing. The biggest problem is in the mind and the risk of talking yourself out of trying! Take it really slowly and you will be fine.

  • Thanks for all the comments - I know it's only another 4 mins of run time but by the time I got to the walk break this morning I so needed it. Part of the problem is that I'm running with a friend and she can't make each training session so i am a little ahead of her but she wants to come on Friday and doesn't think she can do day 3.

    If I go any slower - I'll be walking :)

  • As others have said, think of it as small runs joined together. You are almost certainly ready for it physically, it's just a question of stopping the brain overthink it. One of the good things about running is you settle into a rhythm and usually find it easier once you have got through the first 5-10 minutes.

  • Believe in the programme and believe in yourself. Grin broadly. Good luck.

  • I didnt think I could do it and I did :) gremlins tried to get me to stop at 1:30mins and I nearly did. Even though I knew I could run at least 8 mins previously. But I ploughed on and it was good until 16 mins. From there I struggled a little but just broke it down into minutes. One more. One more. One more ...

    By the end of the run I was fine. It was 100% mentaply challenging. Dont listen to your gremlins - trust that you are prepared and work through it. Good luck

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