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How do you cope with the cold?

Today feels like there's been a massive dip in temperature and winter is definitely beckoning now. In fact I had to dig out the winter coat for the first time today and still felt like the wind blew through it.

I'm due a run day today but simply don't have the time so am scheduling it for tomorrow instead. Must admit I am quite glad I don't have to go out in it today.

Now I'm one of those people who is always cold and hates the winter. I cannot leave the house without an extra layer normally so don't know what to do for the best for running. I can imagine that I'll warm up after a few mins jog but how do people cope with the warm up walk? I can't imagine not feeling freezing wearing only my running gear.

I got this far last year before the cold set in and beat me at week 7. This year I'm determined to see it through all 9 weeks

All tips and hits needed to keep me motivated please.  

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Running gloves are probably the most useful item I use in the cold as the cold wind can cut right through leaving you hands freezing.

A long sleeve compression top under a normal running top is also a must.

Not forgetting long running tights too!


Lots of light layers. I have a lightweight zip up running jacket which I take off once warmed up and tie around my waist X


Gloves, layers, run faster. Works for me. Sorry, I'm being flippant. But i do think gloves are essential in cold weather. I've been more uncomfortable with cold hands than anything else. I find that my body temperature may shiver a bit at the beginning but it soon warms up when i start running. but if I run without gloves it's at least 15mins before my hands warm up, and with cold hands I'm not a happy bunny. I wear an extra layer, perhaps two if really cold but almost never wear a hat. In really really cold weather I wear my [fleecy] cycling leggings, but then I'm a bit too hot!


I have long-legged thermals, and long sleeved thermal top - during the worst of last winters temperatures I wore those under my running gear. I also put on a hat (I've very fine/sparse hair and lose heat easily from my head) and gloves - fingerless to be able to work my Garmin and MP3 player. As I asthmatic too I discovered that using a buff was amazing ... Didn't even know what one was before this forum! I don't think I ever overheated in all this, but neither did I miss any runs through cold! All the best with completing the course this year :D Cheers, Linda x


Hi! I just layered up; 3 tops in snow, two pairs of leggings, no hat or gloves, secret santa gave me a headband which I used once but my ears got too hot! Stayed beetroot faced and sweated like a beast whatever the cold; but felt it as I cooled down so hot shower was a must!


Aldi have running gear on special today so I'll be buying a few bits. I recently bought a cycling jacket with removable sleeves and wore that on Tues night. I've also knitted a hat and have a fleecy jacket.

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Firstly, DON'T STOP RUNNING!! Keep going.

I would say that the most important single additional piece of clothing is a pair of gloves. Your hands move through the air pretty quickly, and they will gety cold first.

I went out this morning and it was about 8 degrees. It felt colder, but it always does when the first cold weather gets here. I wore my standard shorts, long sleeved running top and a pair of gloves. It was windy and felt cold, but 4 miles later I was back at the car with sweat running down my face.

If you run, you will warm up pretty quickly but watch out for muscles being torn. If it gets much colder I will put on my long legs (Ronhill Tracksters) and possibly a short sleeved T over my long sleeved top. I'm not the right shape for a compression top!!

Over all, enjoy your cold running, and watch out for your knees grumbling.

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I'm definitely a chilly soul usually but last winter I was running in long sleeved cotton t shirt at minus umpteen no probs, including the walks. (I don't seem to get on well with synthetics next to my skin and feel chilly then) But gloves, yes, absolutely. And I can't believe no-one has yet mentioned buffs!


I have read loads about buffs on here. I thought they seem a bit pricey for what they are so instead ive bought a "morf". Which is the same sort of thing, just a cheaper version.

Havent tried it yet though.


Thanks for the advice. Def gloves and my morf I think. Sounds like I just need to layer up.

I'm due to run tonight so will try out the double tops.


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