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I was Cold

Started back last night on W4R3, after a longish break due to work, and more lately flu followed by a nasty cold/cough. Felt better so off I went. I wore jogging trousers, a running tshirt (short sleeve) and a lovely bright pink running fleece. I was warm enough on my body, but the backs of my arms/elbow area and the front of my thighs were very cold. Even with the jogging bits I couldn't get them warm - I had to miss the last 5 minute run, which was a shame, but at least I was back out there.

What does any recommend for running wear to get over the cold? I had thought about a running jacket over the top, but not sure that would help my arms (or legs of course). And have no idea about the legs unless I wear tights which might rub a bit.

I'm down South so a bit of a woose with the cold, but it was around 2 degrees when I went out.


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Minus 4 in East Anglia when I went out this morning. Just did my first wk4, r1. I wasn't cold - wore cotton vest!; cotton t-shirt and fleece; thin leggings and my father's old size 8 trainers with a crack across the sole! (I'm a size 6). Now you know why I go at dawn! I'm new to running so haven't bought anything new yet in case the craze fades. But I know I must get some proper shoes asap. It was all too beautiful out there this morning to notice the cold. Oh, and I wore gloves - taking the advice from someone last week after my hands nearly fell off with the cold. Good luck, now that you've started again.


I wear a softshell jacket over a long sleeved running top, and I got some Aldi compression leggings which go under my ordinary running leggings, and I am always toasty, but not tooooo hot. I also have gloves and a head buff to keep my teeny tiny earsies warm!


I know what you mean about cold thighs. That's the part of my body that feels the cold most. I have just ordered some thermal leggings which hopefully will warm them up because my ordinary leggings just aren't warm enough and that's how you can pick up injuries too! . On top I wear a thermal base ( about £7.99 in SportsDirect) and a thermal lined running jacket, hat, gloves and muff.

Well done for getting out there again.


you just have to get running tights :D no chaffing !! luv mine,so comfy and you dont realise you have the on when running :) get some nice warm running gloves , a light wieght jacket , beanie hat or buff thingy ,long sleeve top , I read that as runners we should dress as if the temp was 10 degrees more than it is if that helps :D

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Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm off to Sports Direct (I found a voucher in my kitchen drawer) for thermal leggings, long sleeve top and gloves. Might also get a lightweight jacket as well - I noticed the running fleece has a non-fleecy bit under the arms and up the sides , just the bit I was feeling the cold.

Like the bit about dressing for 10 degrees more, justifies the thermal and layers. Now I'm feeling motivated to start again I want to keep going.


I love my ronhill thermal winter running tights. Keep my thighs nice and toasty!!


Sympathies KP, I get the cold thigh thing too, in fact I'm blaming it for my sore hips at the moment. MissWobble recommends Nike Filament running tights and all the reviews I've seen of them have said how warm they are. I'm heading to SD to get some as soon as I can. They, along with base layer tights, should do the trick!


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