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What a beautiful day

I think I was lucky to have a rest day yesterday, as it was horrible - cold and windy. This morning I woke up early and decided to get outside instead of going back to sleep. It was bright and sunny, frosty, with icy puddles. Gorgeous.

Week 5 run 2 went really well, with an extra bit at the end, as it was completely flat, so I had to do some extra walking to cool down. Interesting that the fastest (relatively speaking) running I did was in that extra bit - I'd have thought that would have been slowest. Maybe my muscles just take a while to warm up, or maybe they just don't like hills, even baby ones. If I could have run at that pace all the way (which I couldn't, yet) it would take me 43 minutes to do 5k, which is still pretty slow! It actually took me 49 minutes to get round my whole 5k circuit, but I am able to run more and more of it - and that is 4 minutes faster than when I started. And the longest bit of running went on for 13 1/2 minutes. Only 6 1/2 more needed on Tuesday! I think I'll find a nice flat place to run!

Most important thing though - I'm enjoying running, and getting fitter. Brilliant.

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It's funny you should say that your quickest piece of running was the bit you added, as I felt better at the start of the extra 7 minute run I did in my final Week 4 session than I did earlier in the run! That said, the four and a half minutes I added to my second run yesterday almost killed me!

I've decided that tomorrow, instead of repeating what I did yesterday but adding more minutes to the second run (that 12.5 minutes is the most I've ran so far) I am going to do the same again but cut down the three minute walk I took between the two runs. Maybe two minutes or 90 seconds, depending how brave I feel.


I'm planning my campaign too. I think the key for me with the Big One is to not start off to fast, or uphill - both of which I did today, and about 3 minutes in I was finding it tough (because, of course, I was thinking - but what if I still had another 17 to go - ha! fool! I am a 'what-ifs' expert.)

The faster bit was after a long break (7 min walk)... Oh, goodness, hark at us. We just need to get out there and simply keep going!

Funny sight - I've just seen someone walk past my house, in the middle of the road, carrying a mattress on their shoulders. A few minutes ago there was a bed being carried. Moving house without a van?!


I did the dreaded Week 5 Run 3 this morning and was also blessed with the weather (although did have the problem of being freezing on the way out and roasting on the way back). It's definitely a mental thing as, on run 2, I felt I could go on for miles, whereas my head told me I was shattered after 2 minutes today. I slowed down so many times, I swear I was running backwards by the end, but I managed the 20 minutes without walking.

The one thing I really like about C25K is that I can be a little harsh on myself and don't believe I'm getting fitter, yet I've gone from 1 minute runs to 20 minutes in just a few weeks.


Well done, I look forward to being able to write that I've it done, hopefully later this week.

Your last comment applies to myself, I'm beating myself up because I've only been able to run for 12.5 minutes in one go so far, yet on the other hand I know the minute runs in the first Week were so difficult!


Congratulations Wepre! I hope mine will be a bit easier than that. I'm hunting out a nice flat bit to run on (well, maybe some downhill bits would be ok). Definitely don't want the uphill at the beginning like this morning - very offputting!


well done greenlegs (and Fingalo and WepreRunner) you are all doing so well - I am just a week and a half behind but reading your progress is spurring me on :-)


Are you quite sure we're not putting you off! Our mental attitudes could perhaps be more positive at times!

Though I've found it really helpful to think about why some runs are harder and some are easier (I was going to say easy, but decided that was a bit too strong!) and it is good to know there are other crazies out there too, running around in the dark and the cold!


Ha ha!

I get what you mean about our mental attitudes. It really is a significant part of this thing, I know my last two blogs couldn't have been more different in terms of how I was feeling about things. After W4, R3 I was buzzing as I'd done extra. I did more than extra on W5, R1 and was really deflated!

It's that run 3 looming up that has me scared out of my wits!


You are def not putting me off, after all you're all still out there pounding those pavements and parks. Finaglo you will kick the ass off run 3 no worries :-)


Cheers SK, I didn't run this morning but will be out for run 2 tomorrow, run 3 looming large...


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