Managed to get out early with the dog to tackle this off road. 1st 5 min run, I felt like a gazelle for the 1st 2.5 mins, a sloth for the rest. Then in my mind I was 1 of the Avengers when the action hero soundtrack kicked in for 2nd 5 mins (although loked more like I was trotting) & for last 5 mins (delightfully starting at a botom of a hill) the dog was dragging my sorry carcass up it. However, job done. Looking forward to W5R2 & pretending R3 doesn't exist... Happy running everyone!

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  • On one of my "small" run, I started too fast and this was my downfall as even after I slow down, I was so puffed up, it was very difficult to carry one. Lesson learn: take it easy.

  • Well done - you're doing great! -and the dog too!

  • Thanks guys. I have to say the dog makes running look pretty easy!

  • Dogs are great. When I'm at the bottom of a hill I can say 'let's go let's go,' and Marty will pull and give that extra momentum to drag me up the hill.

  • I know! Ollie is a life saver. He's loving this running programme as he's legging it all over the place, exploring new woodlands. I'm hoping when I pluck up the courage to do a park run I can take him with me to help keep my pace up.

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