W5R1 done and dusted

Well that wasnt too bad. I mean it wasnt easy peasy but do-able and I managed the runs ok. Still not convinced I'm over the stomach bug/feeling unwell (and most of my workplace are dropping like flies with some kind of lurgy) but I had 2 days rest from Sunday so I wanted to get out there. 2 milestones today. 1 = being seen running in public. There is a man out on the cricket pitch I run round that uses the same area to train his dog but its a big pitch so I've not had to worry about him being anywhere near me. Today he was right next to me and he didnt recoil in horror at the sight of me running. 2 = the legs came out! It was really muggy early this morning and I didnt want to get too hot so out came the knee length jogging pants. And I survived that too! Still quite scared about upping this to 8 mins and then 20 mins later this week. Eek.


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  • Well done on sticking with it & especially with a bug too - My W5 was last week and it was quite a step up but was surprised on just how "comfortable" I felt with it afterwards.

    oh and 1. I'm still running lengths of the 0.75k straight road between two warehouses on the industrial park near me, so not much chance of anyone spotting the bright yellow blob just yet! 2. I'm still in full length bottoms too & on these longer sessions you certainly get the heat going through the legs.

    & If you can do the 5mins, you can do the 8mins, just trust in yourself & Laura

  • Check you out! Is this the same person who like me couldn't run 60 secs a few weeks back?! You should be so pleased with your progress so far :) Me i'm still not well so i'm falling a bit behind now. I'm going to run on Friday after work however I feel - my only problem is deciding which point to pick up from again. I only ever managed 1 run of week 4 so I might revist week 3 and see how I get on. Keep up the good work - you are now my inspiration to get back on track :)

  • Awww bless you. I still think I go too slow to be an inspiration to anyone. I did try my best to pick up the pace in the last 2.5 mins of the last run and was running more than jogging and I could tell as I could hear my breathing even through earphones! :) If i were you I would try out W4R1 again on Friday and see how you get on. If you manage it ok then go for it and carry on and if its a struggle maybe go back to doing the last run of Week 3? Hopefully someone with more experience can advise in case I'm suggesting the wrong thing! I still dont feel like im doing amazing at each run. I'd love it if i were able to kick each run into oblivion but I guess however slow I am if I keep going I should be ok. Just not sure if my 'slow' is the same as everyone elses! :) Get well soon. x

  • Slow and steady seems to be mentioned alot on these forums so I think you're probably doing ok :) I struggled with the last 5 mins run in week 4 when I was well so I think i'll do a week 3 run and see how I get on from there. If I struggle then i'll repeat if not then i'll head straight onto week 4 again. I really dont want to go right back to the start.

  • No dont go back to the start. I'm sure you wont need to do that. Week 3 sounds sensible:)

  • Hello! Mrs Slow and Steady here! :D

    Doesn't matter how slow your slow is, as long as you're still moving. One day you can speed up, but you can't do that if you don't move at all. Build up the distance slowly, then whoosh! Well, something like that. :)

  • Sometimes I think I must be THE slowest on the planet but im still moving so that must be ok:)

  • I hope I wont need too - I hated week 1 first time round! Week 3 it is :)

  • You will be fine! you have built up your stamina and strength already so you wont need to go back. Your body will remember:)

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