W5R1 only gone & done it :)

And dare I say this..........I actually enjoyed it!!! I'm so surprised & shocked & proud & just wow especially after my Sunday disaster run.

Found the first 5 mins ok & thought it's going to get tougher, 2nd 5 mins was a tad easier surprisingly & the last 5 mins I took a different route home & didn't realise quite how steep the road was going back up it, I usually run down it, but I just kept saying over & over 'don't give up now, you're so close' which spurred me on. I was so pleased when I got to the top which was then a lovely down hill cool down walk home :)

Not half as scared for R2 on Thursday. Keeping it slow & steady.

I couldn't have done it without the support from you lot!!!! Thank you all :)



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  • I have just done the same run and also felt good. It's a great feeling isn't it! Onwards to run 2 ๐Ÿ˜€

  • It is especially after feeling so disappointed on Sunday. Well done to you, feeling great at the minute.

    Are you noticing any differences in yourself ie toning up, breathing better, sleeping better etc? I'm starting too now :) x

  • Definitely toning up in the legs, the breathing is a little better but I think that's a weak point of mine anyway. And I never have any problem sleeping, the problem is staying awake sometimes! But it's definitely helping my mood, feeling happier generally ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hahahaha that made me chuckle. I'm a terrible insomniac so I've found its really helping me sleep. Feel like my bum & legs are toning & ive lost a few inch. Im still shocked that 5 weeks ago I was out of breath running for 60 seconds but now I can run 5 mins & only be lightly puffing. It's the legs that make me want to stop rather than the breathing lol x

  • Vickyb well done on your run and you should be feeling great it's a fantastic achievement .

    From an overweight mans perspective I feel fitter with more energy and my colleagues are saying my body is looking a different shape now! Whatever that means

  • That's great good on ya x

  • Well done LisaRose and yes it's a great feeling I agree

  • Well done you! I did it yesterday and hated every minute. There are loads of us on week 5 - hope we can all graduate together. I have the opposite problem in that my legs feel reasonably OK but my breathing is shocking.

    Good luck for run 2 - you sound like you're making some really noticeable changes :)

  • Thank you & well done to you too. Isn't it strange how we all are so different. I always thought I'd be the huffing puffing red faced can't breath sort of runner instead I want to cut my legs off haha.

    Seems to be a fair few of us on W5 yes so fingers crossed we'll get each other through to graduation :)

    I've started calorie counting this week too hoping to lose a few lbs before my jolly which is 2 weeks after graduation, here's hoping :)

    Good luck this week x

  • Well done Vicky, glad you are enjoying it. bring on R2.

  • Thanks Patrick x

  • I've joined WW online and have lost 6lb in 3 weeks which is pretty amazing as I've had a few major pig out sessions. I've been banished to the spare room as my snoring is likely to turn my hubby into a homicidal maniac! I'd also like to not be a giant lard bucket when I head off the watch the Olympics in Rio.

    What's your jolly?

  • Haha I've just cancelled my WW subscription just wasn't working my for me after they changed to smart points. Well done on the 6lbs that's brilliant, go you!!

    Jollies in May, just a week in Costa Teguise Lanzarote with my Mum. A girly jolly lol. Main holiday is Oct with fiancรฉ & daughter & have a week in Whitby & some weekend away to look forward to until then so I'm more determined than ever to be fit!!

    Bet the olympics will be amazing!


  • Brilliant Vicky, knew you had this in you! Very well done and keep it up :) x

  • Thank you so much x

  • Fantastic Vickyb! You are well on your way now:) keep up the hard/ good work x

  • Thank you :) x

  • Well done you!! I'm doing this one tonight although the gremlins have already started this morning!!

    I do the same as you - talk to myself, when I'm really struggling I even say it out load :-)

  • Hahaha I think I did at one point & I really need to remember I have headphones in when I'm singing along & huffing & puffing haha I can't hear me but it would explain some funny looks I get :)

    Good luck let me know how it goes & a big kick in the bum to your gremlins x

  • Well done you! It just shows, one run does not maketh the runner. You'll kick R2 swiftly up the behind I'm sure. Have faith in your body to carry you through :D

  • Thanks Hannah, I am in shock, I really didn't think I'd do it & expected to repeat W4 this week so I'm absolutely chuffed & looking forward to R2 tomorrow :) x

  • Wooop! Well done - such a good feeling isn't it?! Im on Run 2 this afternoon and it's all I can think about (in a good way).

  • You go for it. It feels so good to finally have a good run lol. I think last night must be the best of them all. Let me know how you go this afternoon, looking forward to hearing you've smashed it :) x

  • Well done!

  • Thank you x

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