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Completed W5R1 this morning with not too much trouble. I definitely class myself as a jogger more than a runner. My issue is the 20 minute run on Friday assuming I get over the 8 minute runs on Wednesday. I did put a sneaky 6 min run/jog in at the end of today’s session so instead of doing 3 x 5 min runs I did 2 x 5 min runs and a final 6 min run instead of the 5 min one that the lovely Laura requested (sorry Laura).

Admittedly this was a late decision that I made during the final 5 min run today. I had been having this mental block since I started W1 that was telling me I couldn't run for longer than 5 mins (I read another runner on the forum had this issue) and that I would fail miserably when I was to try the 8 min on Fridays

So now I know I can at least run/jog for 6 mins and with this knowledge then on Wednesday I only have to run/jog for an additional 2 mins more

Not sure if there is any method to my madness but I think it works for me so I thought I'd pass it on.

Friday looks like a challenge.......8 mins to 20 mins........LAURA !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well done! I have just completed week 5 after 2 attempts at the 20 minute run. You can do it! X


You can do it - Laura will have prepared you for running 20 mins! We were all really worried about that run, but so many people managed it this weekend. Just look at the posts!

We#ll be rooting for you!


You can definitely do it 😁


You can definitely do it.

I loved Wk5 cos it showed me that I could actually run. Before then it would have been described as more of "shuffle".

Well done for doing your 6 minutes. You'll be fine with 8. And really enjoy your 20 on Friday. Laura will carry you through.



Take it from the Grey Snail... you can do it!

Just listen to Laura... she will take you there.. slow and steady! :)

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Everybody should be a jogger at this stage of the game. 'Running' is a broad term but there is definitely no place for anything faster than a jogging pace during the programme.

Don't worry about W5R3. be in the moment. You have achieved W5R1. That is today. When it comes to R3 you will be ready but there is nothing to be achieved by over thinking it in advance (I can say this because I spent days/weeks worrying about it in advance, as did almost everyone else who has ever done this, and it did not one iota of good, but we all managed the run anyway).

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