I ran 8K tonight!!! :-) :-) :-)

Bursting with exhausted excitement :-) After Monday's disappointment when I'd planned to do 6.K but had to stop at 5, I took it easier tonight with the intention of just seeing how things went - well! They went... And went.... And went!!! It did take me an hour though.... BUT in my book that's two achievements in one night ;-) I ran 8K AND I ran for an hour!!

Have so much to thank C25K for and you lovely lot :-)

And for any newbies - 13 weeks ago today I'd just done WK1R2 - if I hadn't done it I wouldn't believe it :-)

Did an extra long warm down walk afterwards but my legs still shouted "Oi! What you doing?" When I eventually stopped. My ankles are tired but I think on the whole legs are feeling pretty good about tonight, hope they feel the same tomorrow :-)

Took my youngest swimming after school today too... :-)

Happy running all xx


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19 Replies

  • Wow that's awesome Potty!!!! Incredible achievement no wonder you are so smiley :) :) seems there's no stopping you eh?

  • Oh, I wouldn't say that - I've just been lucky enough not to be injured yet... Think I'm pushing my boundaries at 8K though.... I've noticed that once I'm back on the flat and recovered I feel as if I could trot along forever... It's the hills that take it out of me (for hills read gentle inclines). Do you find it hard to believe that little more than 12 weeks ago we were just starting out? I'm constantly amazed at what this program has guided me to achieve :-)

  • Potty I find it utterly unbelievable, like it's someone else I'm talking about when I tell people. It's every aspect isn't it....the running is only one part of it, I love how I feel, knowing this is me now, I can do it, this is the exercise I've wanted to do for years and I've found it. I agree it's a lot to do with our bodies too....that's the thing that could scupper your plans. I've had brief problems but they have made me more cautious. I ran for 35 mins tonight and felt great - still a slow coach and not at 5k yet. Enjoy it I say! Really really enjoy the fact that you made this happen!!

  • Ha! Said a similar thing talking to an old school friend today - can't believe it took me 48 years to find out that a) I can do this and b) how good it feels! I've never once not wanted to go out yet! There was one week, first or second week post graduation when I started to feel that it was grinding hard work, but I realised I was looking for an improvement every run and that Laura, on the C25K+ podcasts, was pushing me every session, so, I took a run just for me AND it absolutely pelted down with rain. I had SO much fun that run that it put all the joy back into it for me :-) :-) That's the word, joyous!

  • Brilliant :) my aim is to enjoy this and push on only in how long I can run for. Oh and lose more weight and get some new clothes for holidays haha!!

  • Ha!ha! Yes, I'm losing weight too - that feels good as well :-) I'm just starting to think I want some proper running gear... Somebody video'd our Park Run last week and I looked like I was going shopping!

  • That's fab Potty. You've done so well! Keep it up!

  • Thanks Irish, I plan to! Having sooo much fun with it :-)

  • Hey, very well done! That's quite an achievement, and you should be proud.

  • Oh, I am, Steve! Loving that C25K has given me this :-)

  • I remember that feeling well! I covered 8k first time in about 59 minutes and ran the extra few seconds for the thrill of being able to say I ran for an hour too. Before you know it you'll be running 10k!!! Well done you!!

  • Thanks Wristy, fantastic feeling, isn't it? Can't believe I enjoy it so much! Building to 10K. I signed up for a local 10K in July - the reviews are great but they all mention "killer" 1k hill at the 8K mark.... So, building my distance then need to throw in a few late hills - might find the route and run just the hill sometime so I know what's in store :-)

  • Fab post Potty , Well done to you xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug :-) it's like having a door open into a world of adventures, isn't it? :-)

  • Oh Potty that's fantastic! It's such an amazing feeling when you achieve something so monumental isn't it :D

  • Thanks Hilbean! Yes, it does feel amazing :-) I can only imagine doing the distances you're covering though!

  • Little by little you will get there if that's what you want to do. xxx

  • Congratulations, Potty! That is an amazing achievement. You should be proud of yourself :)

  • Thanks Tomas, I am :-) It's so exciting!

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