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W8R2 what have I done?

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I kept going over the 28 and ran for 30 mins. I can't see me getting to 5k in 30 mins cos I am only a little feller and my legs aren't long enough to run at 10kph. I had the treadmill on 9.0kph after a five min warm up and stopped running when the clock said 35! So the question is, have I graduated early? I have certainly achieved the couch to 30 mins in 8.5 weeks. I suppose the next challenge is to run 5k without stopping. At 9.0kph this will take me a little over 33 minutes. Whatever the argument I have just ran for 30 minutes without stopping. That is one hell of a feeling. Especially so because I normally do my running at 7.30am in the gym before work. Today I was mad busy and stressed. So stressed that I had been awake since 4am worrying so got up and drove an hour to be in the office for 7am. To do what I have done after a 10 hour day......well I think I might have a glass of red tonight!

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There really isn't an official graduation. The C25K staff will award your community ID a Graduate badge when request one. Generally, this is done after you've completed all 9 weeks of the program. But if you think you've progressed far enough, I guess you can ask for it now.


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Personally, and this no sleight on anyone, just what I would expect of myself to graduate, that all of the 9 weeks runs are completed.

I say this because, I with dozens of others conquered that daunting 20 minute run at the end of the week 5, yet mentally struggled to deal with what seemed to be an easier first run of week 6.

I think it more about mental toughness and stamina than actually reaching the 30 minutes just maybe the once, or twice. The biggest test comes in week 9 (my graduation run comes tomorrow morning) when you have to push yourself to complete 3 straight runs of 30 minutes without failure. This is what prepares you for the goals pre graduation and he long road ahead to becoming an established runner.

Like I say, this isn't a sleight on anyone, because running 35 minutes is awesome! Just my opinion and what I expect of myself to achieve to earn that graduation badge.

Sorry if I wasn't clear, I didn't really mean it like that. I am not trying to claim I have achieved something I haven't so apologies if it reads that way. It was more about my own conscience. See I am off abroad on holiday next week so can't easily do week 9. I am telling myself I have sort of graduated because my plan was to get to 30 mins running and I have manged that before going away. I will be back on track after the holidays and will complete the programme then, even if I have to restart at week 5 and build up again. This for me is about how I feel about myself. I use this blog (maybe wrongly) to write down mental conversations I am having with myself. I am not in this for badges, I am in it to get fit and lose some weight. Again sorry if anyone got the wrong idea and took offence thinking I am some sort of imposter :-)

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InnuendoGraduate in reply to BJR67BJR

Lol. I gotcha. You're definitely no imposter, running 35 minutes!

You are more than right in saying that all of this is about how you feel, I completely agree. Nothing more satisfying than surprising yourself, that's for sure!

I suppose graduating to your own expectations are even more rewarding in a way. That's a great positive!

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I am also on Week 8 and am running over the time require but will do the 9 weeks before I personally feel I have fully graduated. I must admit it was only after tonights run (a good one) that I now have no doubt that if I go out I will be able to run for 30 mins.

Can't wait for graduation and then will have to think of the next challenge 5k to 10k maybe???

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I did C25K twice and by week 9 was running 5K each run but it was taking me about 35-36 minutes. I'm just a little body with short legs too. I did 3 runs just to say I'd completed the programme. Well done for having run over 30 minutes by week 8, its obvious that you have achieved what the programme was set out to do which is to be able to run non stop for 30 minutes. Go an denjoy your holiday and once you are back map out a route covering 5K and work towards reducing your time by which ever way is best for you. Oh by the way running is a wonderful stress buster, which is good for the body and soul :)

A glass of red sounds good, graduation or not..lol. I hope you will be able to get some running in while on holiday...it would be a shame to lose all your fantastic conditioning. Even two runs a week will maintain where you are. You're right....you've achieved what you started out to do...run 30 minutes, get fit (or a good start on it now), and over the next few months lose weight. This is the beginning of the rest of your life....with YOU in control.

Good luck and good running!

Glass of red in hand - bit tricky trying to drink it whilst on a treadmill :-)

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Well done on the 30 mins mental barrier over. If you are on hols try swimming to keep up your conditioning so when you come back it's easier to get into the programme.

Why do we all stress ourselves out before we go on holiday making sure all is OK and then work harder when we return to make up for time we're not there? Just chill next week - enjoy and don't think about work!

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Enjoy that glass of red (careful not to spill it while running) and your holiday! The boy done good! :-)

It looks like there are four graduations to me: The "official" one of completeing all the podcast runs successfully plus running for 30 min non stop, running 5k non-stop and running 5k in 30 min non-stop. If you are starting from the couch then each one is hard fought for and deserves acknowledgement whenever it happens. Personally I think that the "official" badge goes with the "official" graduation.

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