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Back out there!

Well, I had finished week 8, 2/3 weeks ago, with graduation in sight, then disaster, my right knee had a minor rebellion, but having had enough of this resting lark,.... I was good...mostly, not sure clearing out my Dads garage or painting my Aunts ceiling was strictly classed as resting?!... but except for a slight feeling of tightness now, its so much better. So tonight I set off and re did W3 R1, and all was good, although the proof will be how it feels tomorrow. The running was great, I did some stretches before setting off, which I'll do each time now, and felt fine, a bit easier than the first time around, but amazed and a little horrified at how quickly fitness can drop off. It seems a sensible move to continue through the programme again,re building my stamina. In the grand scheme of things taking a further 6 weeks is not so bad. I'd started to dream about running! Happy to be back out there. Thank you again for all the help and advice, people are so positive, its a fantastic motivator.

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