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Started Couch25K today!

Hello to all!

I made a choice 12 months ago to start walking to try and get healthy! I have done pretty well lost 3.5 stone and feel better for it! However since Xmas and in the cold weather I let the walking slip and the snacking start!

So made the decision to not just reapply my efforts to walking but to try and get jogging instead, never jogged before so I was bit worried.

First day today, was ok till about the 5th minute run and then my breathing got a bit laboured and I started to feel it, but I made it and when Laura told me I had ran 8 Minutes I felt pretty good!!!! Fingers crossed I can keep up with the plan!!

Any encouragement will be welcomed!

Nice to meet you all xx


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Well done, Trudes - you won't regret it and you will get lots of encouragement from here!


Welcome to the board and Well done on taking up this amazing programme !

Keep posting as it will really help you in keeping motivated and focused

Good Luck, you wont regret this, I promise you :-) xxx


Hi Trudes. Well done for making a start today. I also struggled with my breathing but it will settle down - just make sure you are not going too fast. Each week you will feel a great sense of achievement, keep up the good work!


Well done with your weight loss that's fantastic. The programme is great, you have already done the hardest part now you just need to stick with it. Take it steady, take your rest days and let us all know how you get on. The forum is great for support and motivation. Good luck x :-)


Well done for starting - I echo all the above. Good luck. Linda


Thanks to all of you for ur kind welcomes! xxxx will deffo keep you updated xx


It's a great feeling, isn't it? I cannot speak highly enough of this programme, it really works. Welcome to the forum, and I hope you enjoy it. You will find your capability grows as you do it, don't worry yet about what is to come, take it 1 run at a time.


Hi Trudes I started off like you, walking to help the weight loss. I have lost just over 4 stones and like you felt the urge to try running. I'd never run before but just felt springier and lighter on my feet. Completed C25k and absolutely loved it. Got some knock backs through injury - 2 of which were not running related, but picked it back up as soon as I could and have never stopped.

If you keep running, combined with a healthy eating plan, you can't go wrong

Good luck


Welcome Trudes this is a great place. You get everything here from encouragement to sympathy. There is NOTHING somebody can't help with. Happy running. You can do it.


I started today as well! :D Running buddies! Number 5 had me as well... I was starting to doubt myself but I got through it!

I also started out with just long walks and later started adding some hills in. But I think running will be more exciting and we'll be able to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

Good luck on your program! :) I hope we can keep encouraging one another on this journey!


Firstly, well done on all that walking and weight loss you've been doing! Secondly, welcome to this forum. I'm sure you will find lots of friendly advice and support on here.

Well done on completing your first run too! Things will settle down as you progress through the program. At this point the only advice I would offer is to take it slow and steady (you'll get to hear that a lot!) and remember to stretch after your runs as that will help with any post exercise aches.

Happy running :)


Hi All,

What a fabulous response make me wanna go out and run again, just to post! Anneke, well done to you for starting too!!!! Lets hope we can stick with it and succeed! Sure we will!

Just to update, no real aches and pains today, probably due to the amount of walking I have been doing in lead up, only slight ache seems to be around my rib cage?!?!!? Did I use these muscles?!?!?!? Lol

Speak soon all :)

Trudes x


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