Finally started

I have been thinking about getting fit and losing weight for so long. I always manage to find an excuse so last night I told my husband I was going to get up early in the morning and start running. His reaction was, shall we say, less than positive. But, I did it! I got up and put on the running clothes, strapped my ipod to my arm, feeling very uncomfortable and off I went.

It started well as I have been walking 30 mins a day for a while. First run hurt my calves as hey seem to have forgotten what running is. Second and third runs were good, a bit tiring but I managed. The fourth one killed me. I could hardly lift my legs or breathe afterwards. I admit I had to run short on the last four runs. By the time I got home I looked like a beetroot and the stairs to the bathroom felt like Mount Everest.

But on the positive side, it was a start and my husband said "Well done" which was unexpected and made me feel much better.

I do think I might be on week one for more than one week though.


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8 Replies

  • Well done. I repeated week 1 several times until I could manage it, so no worries there, it's normal. Many people have to re-do certain weeks or runs. I ran 10k on Friday.

    Keep going, anything is possible.

  • well done for starting. It sounds like your DH is getting used to the idea :) Make sure you run slowly, it makes a huge difference. If you need to repeat week 1, that's fine, Just keep running and you'll be amazed at how much fitter you get.

  • The first step is always the hardest (according to some Chinese philosophers) - and as you've started you have to finish (according to an Icelandic quizmaster). Remember - beetroots are really healthy and Everest can be conquered. Lots of people have to re-do weeks - take as long as you need - just stick at it - it is soooooo worth it. And get your husband to have a cup of tea waiting for when you get back in future :)

  • Well done for getting started - the hardest bit. Just keep plugging away steadily and you will amaze yourself. Routine stretches after the run will help ease aches and stiffness

  • Determined to get out of the door, despite lack of enthusiasm from partner and resolute in the need to take control of your health.......You have all the mental attributes required to complete C25k and become a runner.

    This programme will change your life, if you let it. Your attitude to exercise will transform and you will discover that you are capable of far more than you ever believed possible. You have made a great decision.

    Remember, speed is not important at this stage, only completing the workout and developing your stamina. keep us posted and we will cheer you on to graduation.

    Good luck.

  • Well done you, that is a great start, I am very impressed. Not that I know anything about you and clearly you have been able to get up early and go, but is that always possible or will it start to feel like punishment before long? All I am saying is try and make your running a pleasurable part of your day, not a chore or you will soon start missing sessions. I am battling with the program at the moment, repeating runs, repeating entire weeks. There is no getting away from it, this is tough and not just physically but mentally too.

    That being said, you are in the right place to tackle what is ahead. This group is amazing, the support you will get is 2nd to none. I have been fighting my health for 25 years and never been so sure i am finally going to crack this.

    Keep running (of course) but equally, if not even more important, keep posting and not just the good runs, but the bad ones too and let the rest of us pick you up and keep you going.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you for all your positive comments. I really appreciate them.

  • Well done! I just did my first session too, had a bath with Epsom salts to try and avoid seizing up later... Here's to run two, for both of us!

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