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Some of you lovely peeps have used this plan and I am really enjoying it in prep for my HM in a few months time with my mad friend. However Ihave a question ;

I can't run at the moment cos of a cold, so I want to build in a "rest" period into my plan. I've seen the "SHIFT DAYS" button but I can't seem to get this to do what i want it to do.

Essentially I have missed one run and want to start again at THAT RUN, thereby rippling all the other runs "down stream" so to speak.

Anyone got any brilliant ideas? I'd rather not lose all the stats I've accumulated so far by starting a "new" plan.

Thanks folks!

Yer pal


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If you click on the run you should have done there is an option "didn't run this" If you select that and click on it, it strikes it through. You can then Log Your Run on the date you actually run it, by selecting it on your plan and completing the details and saving it

I tried the wholesale shunt thing but failed. I think it was probably my fault.


Thanks MW. I'll give that a go.


It is possible to wholesale shunt because I did it by accident - but since then have not managed it - I think it is a glitch thing. I find I do a lot of really good things by accident :)


Me too Runon!


I'm not sure if you can do that. I've used two change buttons. The Shift Days button (under Edit Plan) will move all the runs forward or backward for each week, eg change a long run from Saturdays to another day, but this doesn't sound like it's what you need. Also, this function keep crashing on me recently (freezing the site and I have to close it down) although it worked previously.

The Reschedule Runs button allows you to move individual run forward or backwards within a short time scale (it highlights the days you can move them to), but it won't move all your future runs forward.

The only other suggestion is to not log anything and then to try the runs as scheduled. That is, run this week's run, next week. After a few runs the plan will notice you are running slower, or shorter than you should be for next week and MyAsics will change the plan to a slightly easier plan. They send you an email and ask if you wish to save the changes they suggest.

I really like the My Asics plan, but it does not seem to have an option to reschedule follow time off.


I've been struggling with modifying the Asics plan too. Got it to change eventually but don't ask how I did it! Trial and error.


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