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My Asics Plan for 10K - first run done

Decided at the last minute to sign up for the winter 10K in London on the 1st Feb. Looked around at plans and on PoppyPugs advice (thank you) I created a plan on myasics. Only problem should have started last week as 4 weeks is unacceptable apparently.

So I decided I will skip the preliminary week and jump right in with a 5 mile run today. Found it really tough running at a "comfortable" pace. I set my garmin to warn if I went above or below the suggested paces and found it was going off all the time. Too fast downhill, too slow uphill but I got the hang of it by the 5th mile. Completed 5 miles in 56 mins rather than the 1 hour but it was close enough I think.

This is going to be interesting. Now I "need" some new shoes for road running rather than use my trail shoes. I have narrowed the choice to 3 :

1) Adidas Bounce 2 - new technology, reasonable price, should be a good neutral shoe for me.

2) Asics Gel Cumulus 16 or Nimbus 16 - both seem reasonable but not sure what you get for the extra cost of the Nimbus

3) Saucony Ride 7

or possibly Mizuno Wave

Anyone tried any of these? Or can you recommend a New Balance one as I have those for trail shoes and they are brilliant

Happy running and planning


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wow...sounds a good run, and I am doing that one too so I will meet you!!! all the shoes sound lovely, and I haven't a clue what to recommend!!!!!! I get so used to my Garmin beeping, its like my little friend!!!


Great stuff look forward to it JuJu


Oh Im so pleased you got sorted GF, Good Luck, you can do it ! xxx


Thanks PP. Looking forward to it if a bit nervy ;-)


How do these ASICS plan work?? I can see how to get a plan - but how do you log the results of a run into MY.ASICS??


You can import a Garmin file which is what I managed to do.


I have found this Android APP -- seems to do what I was thinking off. . I have already connected MY Asics account to my Runkeeper account and the Runkeeper stats moves over to My Asics after every run


Excellent well done Bazza. I've just edited my plan and managed to change it to 4 weeks so I am now on schedule. Originally it insisted I have a prep week which obviously I didn't need ;-)


Well done on embarking on the plan. You should be fine with it. If you input your runs via the computer, you will get feedback from asics and they will tweak your runs if they feel it necessary, eg if you're not keeping up. If you fly they will recommend you up the projected finish time.

I think you need to try the shoes on in the shop. STill, if you get them through the post you can return the ones you don't like. The asics are too narrow for me but I like them. The Nimbus has more cushioning than the Cumulus. The Saucony looks lovely, I had my hands on a pair recently (JuJu wears them) Mizuno are roomy in the toe box from my experience of trying some on in Sweatshop. Lots of runners wear NB's so they must be good - lots of choice there so more difficult to choose. Then there's Nike and Brooks. Ha ha


Thanks for narrowing it down MW ;-) I'm already having to juggle runs as I might need to do tomorrow's tonight which wouldn't be ideal but better to try to fit them all in than miss one


I have NB 1260 v4 but I am an overpronator and they are great, no shin splints at all. Good luck with your 10k


Thanks jogging_along. I've ordered some Saucony Triumph 11s so will see if they fit and whether I can run in them.


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