7.2km fast asics run

7.2km fast asics run

Morning all. Very grey rainy day here today. 3.9 degrees and I had a 7.2km run to do fast. My asics training plan seems to be working. I set my Garmin up with a workout - warm up, run 7.2km at a pace between 5 and 5:40 mins/km, cool down. So that was my first mistake. I set off did the warm up - fine. Started the run. I'd been running a while thinking I must have done a kilometre by now but Miss Garmin was quiet. Oh well at least I must be within the right pace so I carried on. A bit later check Miss Garmin oh I've done nearly 3km and she has decided not to tell me so I can tick off the KM. Rats so I put my head down and just tried to run as evenly as possible not too fast at the beginning. Getting closer to the end of the run I had to do the double back to ensure I got to the right distance.

Really pretty graphs and I did the 7.2km in 40:32. As if that wasn't good enough Miss Garmin tells me my lung capacity has improved VO2 Max is now 44 which puts me in the blue Excellent category for my age - whoop whoop.

Happy Running all


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20 Replies

  • I've no idea what that means, but you are no doubt as fit as a butcher's dog looking at your posts!

  • Like my name I'm still GettingFitter ;-)

  • Goodness, that's fast! My 7.2 yesterday took me an hour! What plan are you doing?

  • I'm doing a myasics plan for 10k as I entered my first real race the London Winter 10k Run which is now just 2 weeks away -eek! I am aware I've really been pushing myself and it is paying off but I am still worried about overdoing it and getting an injury. I run 4 times a week and have chosen the hard option on the plan as I would really like my first official time to be less than 1 hour ;-)

  • Goodness, that sounds very ambitious! What's your longest distance so far? Good luck with your programme!

  • That's the funny thing about the plan. I have previously done 12km but so far the longest the 4 week plan called for was 5 miles. Next week is race simulation so will have a couple of 10ks then the following week is a bit more restful in preparation for the race

  • Amazing! Well done :) Which garmin do you have? Just been looking around and am a bit clueless as to which one will give me all this cool info (stats geek here) I've been using a MyAsics plan too just for structure but it does not have me running intervals or anything like that pace as of yet but I'm guessing that's just where my fitness is right now, would be nice to have it all logged somewhere though to see the progress :) Best of luck for your race, looking forward to hearing all about your sub 60 10K :)

  • Thanks Melly2. I have the Garmin 620 with Heart rate monitor which I love. Also a stats geek. Have occasionally used Heart rate to do runs. I'm in the getting faster phase of the plan and have previously run 10k so I'm hoping that it will be sub 60 mins but with lots of people and the excitement I'm also thinking it doesn't really matter what the time is (but in my head it does) ;-)

    You do see dealson Garmins so it is worth looking out for them

  • Whoa GF , you are a lean, mean running machine !

    I cant understand all the stats and figures to be honest as I am a bit of a numbers numpty :-D but I can see that you are going great guns and taking no prisoners :-)

    You are going to be sooo fit and raring to go for this race, Good Luck ! xxx

  • Thanks PP I am really trying at the moment least that's what Mrs GF says

  • I am a numbers numpty too and it maddens me sometimes that my brain is too dull to do the maths as I go round. Mind you my eyes are rubbish so I can't even see the darned Garmin! If I want to check it I have to get me specs out. Grrr

    Well done GF. It's working for you see and your running dreams are being realised. Just having a plan, some structure, really does help I've found. Having that target pace handed to you by someone who knows about this stuff, takes any guesswork out of the training doesn't it. We can't do this stuff on our own if we don't know how to go about it. So thank goodness for myasics! Big up to them as this information is free! How cool is that

    Four days a week and "hard" runs selected is super tough! I hope you're going to be ok at this level. We don't want you on the injury couch. Still, the plan is flexible so you can peg it back if needs be. I suspect you'll be just fine. Incidentally, did you have a target time for your 10 k race before embarking on this plan. If so, what was it and what's the time difference now you are running to a plan??

  • Hi MW, I agree myasics is a fantastic resource. My target for 10k was 1:01:00 but has been adjusted to 0:54:00 which I still think is a little unrealistic but should get me under the 60 mins. I do worry that the IC may only be one wrong decision away but think this week is race simulation which although runnig harder for longer then leads me into a week for dropping back before the actual run.

    Hope your plan is also going well!

  • Whoop whoop indeed! All seems to be going really well for you, well done. Im really looking forward to the London Run, I wont be doing a sub 60 mins though! x :-)

  • Thanks no-excuse. I am a bit apprehensive about the actual run as all my running has been on my lonesome but it should be a great event!

  • Top time GF. Well done. Your lungs are doin' you proud my son!!

  • Thanks Danzargo

  • Looks like you're on course for a great time at the London 10K-terrific! By the by in case you don't know, it's possible to share links directly to your Garmin Connect activity rather than posting a screen grab. To do this, relax the privacy setting to 'everyone' by licking the padlock in the top right of the activity screen, then copy the URL and paste it in to the post. For example, my run from this morning: connect.garmin.com/modern/a...

    Onwards and upwards!

  • Thanks Michael will try that next time. Great run you have there too

  • I can't see it Michael, is that because I'm not a Garmin user?

  • What is it that you can't see exactly? Is it the link I posted? If so, it should work as unlocking an activity to 'everyone' means exactly that, no need for a Garmin Connect account to view.

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