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This one's for Frocky Horror re: Asics Plan?

Hi frocky, took on board all you said re: the Asics Plan, logged in and created a plan for my 10k in July. But it said I can change it to Km when I've signed up. Can't find where I can change it, HELP!!


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There is a settings icon at the top of the page.

The "Preferred Distance Measure" section is about half way down the "Account" settings.


I feel like such an expert because I managed to do this about 2 hours ago :)

Click on the gear icon, then go to account (first option). Then you can fill in a million and one things about yourself, but most importantly there's an option to change miles to km.


Thanks everyone. It just goes to show what an absolute Luddite I am, what the hell is a 'gear' icon, I thought it must be that cog looking thing that wasn't labelled, eureka!!!!

I did go through all the Account details and entered all my info so it would be as accurate as possible. It did make me smile at the 'level' question, technically I have been running for over a year and more than twice a week, so according to them that makes me an 'Expert'; experienced maybe, but no expert so I plumped for 'Intermediate'. I also managed to sync it with Runkeeper which is what I've been using to measure my run on my phone, so looking forward to my first run scheduled for Easter Monday.

Also looking forward to going to the Sweatshop at Bluewater next Tuesday to get new shoes as I got my first/only pair there back in 2012 and have said I would replace them at Easter as they are definitely showing signs of wear.

Thanks again everyone!!


You can change the level and number of runs any time you like within the plan anyway. It'll show you how much the target time changes.

Have fun shoe shopping, am very jealous :D


Yep, what everyone else said :)

If it has given you funny looking numbers then start a new plan when you've already got it set in km and it will round things back up again (I hope that makes sense!). If you haven't crossed any runs off yet then you won't lose anything.

Hope everything works out with it all!


Thanks Frocky, have been running freestyle for the last year or so, managed to increase my distance to 7.5km, but like a lot of others on here, missed the structure of C25K, so looking forward to this Asics plan and having as much success as you had :-)


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