Gentle Jog for My Asics

Following myasics plan a gentle 3mile jog at 13:46 mins per mile. Wearing my new shoes. I can't go that slow. Ended up with 5k in 34 mins which is 11:03 mins per mile. Fastest pace tonight - crossing the road and a car came fast round the bend. Looking forward to 4.5 miles fast tomorrow night.Hopefully dodging traffic ;-)

Happy Running all

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  • Blimey the suggested pace is very slow but it is doable... Have fun in the speed session tomorrow :)

  • will do thanks

  • a good run/time there :D watch out and be careful aout there :)

  • Indeed Rob lot less cars in the woods which I'm used to.

  • I can't do my suggested jog pace for the MyAsics plan either; it hurts my knees to even try and do it! It is nice to go out for a 'slow' 5k though and bizarre to think that even at an easy pace I am still faster than when I first started C25k :)

    Enjoy your fast run!

  • Thanks frocky. I agree it is weird that my easy jog is pretty quick ;-)

  • My Asics plan wanted me to do 9.45 per KM, even I can't go that slow....I just do what feels comfortable xx

  • That's a good time for a slow pace! Enjoy tomorrow's run and watch out for those cars!!

  • I'm sure there is sound science behind the plan, but it does indeed sound strange when it recommends running at a pace you could almost walk. Happy running :)

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