Sticking to the plan

How does everyone stick to the plan?

I have just finished week 3 and got run 1 of week 4 planned for tomorrow.

Sometimes I feel like this is hard and how on earth am I going to get through this run, get up that hill, get to the end of 90 seconds then at other times I feel like I did last time that I'm actually a runner and this is easier now and you push it a bit harder.

I've always been one to get carried away with stuff but don't want to this time. Just want to stick to the plan and do it right, even if it takes a while.


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6 Replies

  • That is good thinking, don't get carried away and just stick to the plan. It's not easy, otherwise everyone would be doing and there would be no need for this Forum. Pick your days, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, or your choice, 3 runs per week. Trust in the plan as it works, well done on getting to week 4. You will be amazed about what you will be able to do after another 3 weeks. Enjoy, that's the main thing. Look forward to the runs. Positive attitude towards them and you will enjoy them.

  • The plan works. That's why you stick to it. It gets you there without injury. So, whilst it's ok to repeat stuff if you feel you need to, you should never skip runs or over do it.

    You are doing really well. Keep with the plan.

  • As sheps and damienair say, just follow the plan, work out your intervals and do it. It does take time to build up a momentum and habit. A hard fought battle when won is the most satisfying and if you have your inner doubts, every time you run you are batting them away. You've got this far and you're doing brilliantly.

  • Don't worry I stil feel a bit like that. Some days I need to push my self out and others I'm raring to go. It's the satisfaction upon completion, the progress I'm making and the fitter I feel that keeps me motivated (oh and this forum of course)! You are doing really well.

  • The plan gives you a structure, but how that fits into your life is up to you and will depend on your personality. It can be adapted, but maintaining momentum is important.

    I ran every other day, rain or shine, (2013 was actually a lovely summer), which worked for me, while others prefer to have specific running days. Either way it is good to have a set time for your run, otherwise it is too easy for the reluctant runner to find something else to do. Of course this can be flexible but the aim is to build a habit, which you will maintain for life. It is said that it takes 12 weeks of doing something regularly for it to become habit, so you need to maintain the weekly rhythm beyond the plan.

    Just tell yourself it has to be done.

  • I'm also on W4 and it's our D2 this evening. I joined a group organised by volunteers from a local Athletics club who run C25K several times through the year, the numbers certainly in the early weeks are huge. You meet all sorts of people, all ages, all sizes but all with the same goal and I found running with that group a great help. I'm a fat old chap and It would never have ventured out running on my own. Also we have set times and days meeting Tuesday and Thursday evening and Saturday mornings so it's not so easy to oh I'll leave until tomorrow. For me it's a great way to do it. 👍

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