ASICS PLAN. What the ???

Have surrendered to the madness of going for 10K after several months of plodding at 5/6K and various minor injuries that took me out of running altogether. I just think the 10K races look more interesting (gulp).

But, first problem encountered. Put all my stats in MyAsics and gave myself until end of January which I think is a decent time and not too onerous.

BUT, according to the plan I need to do a 4.8K run on Wednesday which is fine but then it jumps to a 8K run on Friday! Surely that can't be right!

There's no way I'm going to make that transition and what about the 10% rule? Help!


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20 Replies

  • I'd give yourself a bit longer to build up to 10k, if I were you. The middle of March or April maybe would give you a more realistic programme. Alternatively, the site knows that you're an amazing athlete and the runs suggested are all you need to do! Happy running SuperAthlete ;)

  • I'd love to think it was the second option but the reality is very different! Thanks for your input. There's me thinking three months was reasonable! I'm in no hurry so will look at taking longer.

  • I just put my stats in & got the same as you :-|

    It's obviously up to you if you want to follow it but I'm at the same stage as you and I'm not sure I'd be happy diving into an 8k so early on...

    I'm doing a combination of Sam Murphy podcasts, Suz's B210k, 5k maintenance runs and the C25k speed podcast. I think it's best to build up slowly at this stage and avoid injury.

    Happy running!

  • I've tried speed and didn't like it but am doing my own thing with intervals and other exercise. Not heard of Suz so will look at that. Thanks!

  • Yea I don't really enjoy the interval speed podcast either as I find it really hard but I'm making myself do it for now!

    Be warned, to follow Suz's 5k to 10k, you must be able to listen to excessive amounts of 90s R'n'B and hip-hop....

  • oh no! Maybe not! Thanks for the link.

  • I used bupa training plan for 10 k - gradual increase and based on 3 runs a week . I really liked their plan Might be worth a look

  • Im doing the Bupa one for the GMR in May next year. Love it :-) xxx

  • It's a good structured but simple plan poppy pug I would def use their plans again. Good luck with your training

  • Thank you, yep highly recommended this one :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug. Will check out Bupa.

  • Currently on the injury couch (tweaked back, walking like a robot with piles), but another vote for the BUPA plan which will rejoin as soon as poss. Seems more gradual than the ASICS plan?

  • Sorry you're out injured Slookie. Hope you're back out there soon. Thanks for the vote!

  • Will look at Bupa again. Did check it out a while back and can't remember why I liked ASICS more!

  • I'm at the same stage as you and there's no way I could just jump into an 8k by next week. At the moment I'm doing every week :

    1x short faster run (30 mins or thereabouts)

    1x 5k run

    1 x longer run (increasing by 10% a week) I'm at 5.5k now.

  • I was thinking of just doing my own thing similar to your plan and increasing the longer run by 0.50km each week rather than 1 km. i know this is less than 10% but I want to avoid any potential for injury.

    I've just come back from a 5.5 so that's the first one done!

  • Thats the first increase under your belt! Hey we are at exactly the same stage then. I am going to try 6k on tuesday :D

  • Oh good luck with the 6K teabreaks!

  • I like the 10km distance its enough of challenge but not too challenging. Also there seems to be a lot more races. When i looked at getting to 10km i looked at the asics plan but mine didn't jump at all to 8km it started at 3km and slowly built up, actually if i recall correctly it never got me to run 10km until my race day. Maybe try again as what i like about these plans and has helped me lots is gives you a target pace to aim for. I didn't stick to the plan and ended up doing my own thing but i used to think right this week it says run xkm at x pace and when i was out on a run and i felt ok i would try to do this. Also i graduated in mid July from the c25km and got managed to run 10km by the beginning of September. I did hurt my knee as i tried b210k and found that too much but when i just did 5km, speed or stamina podcast and a long run which i increased by 1km (naughty but i wanted to get to 10km before my race, but i would recommend only doing the 10% rule) each week i found this suited me better.

  • I've reloaded my data into ASICS but it's still insisting that I do the 8K run on Friday! Err..... No!

    Will look at Bupa but seriously considering doing my own thing like you did. Thanks for the input.

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