Anybody using MY ASICS??

Anybody using MY ASICS??

I am quite impressed by MY ASICS. Using info about your past training/running and your age, it comes up with running plans for different distances - you select how many days per week and the degree of difficulty you want and it comes up with a plan and an estimated time for the planned "race"

I have managed to import all my Runkeeper data into MY ASICS so now I can see graphically how my runs are coming along. I have been "dabbling" with B210K over the last few weeks - and will continue with it until I have done my 14K "race" in early August ( after which we are going on a 2 week cruise to New Caledonia so will have to do a bit of gym work onboard to stay fresh).. You can see that although I have not completed a proper 10K training programme , I have actually run the distance plus a bit more 5 times already (using run/walk - which is what I intend for the race). I've got two more runs of 13 K and 14 K over the next month before I start tapering for the day

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  • I just put the link up for you Baz. Seems I was a bit late. LOL

  • That man don't stand still! x ;-)

  • Thanks Miswobble -- I missed that link, but did a Google search anyway ( which I should have done in the first place!!)

  • Is it free or do you have to pay for it? Looks satisfyingly geeky and I'm quite tempted!

  • Free!!

  • Oooh wow, marvellous! Thanks :)

  • I use it and love it. Made up a plan for a half marathon and was really sticking to it until I got tonsillitis. Still not back running yet but I guess you can re-set it to go form when I get back to the run date :)

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